2 Things You Need to Know to Survive Dorm Life

Dorm life: sharing a room with someone that you have hopefully at least texted before with the hope that you'll be best friends for life and living in a small space with three or more people.  Dorm life can be a hard life, but it is an awesome way to explore your style, be way more independent and get out of your comfort zone.

1. Make your dorm room your new home.

Photo from Total Sorority Move.  

The first step to a perfect dorm is to make it your own. A fluffy comforter, too many pillows and twinkly lights will make you feel at home. Switch up your style with the seasons so you never get bored of your room by bringing different bedding for summer and winter. You don't have to be stuck with the way your dorm is set up, get creative with your roomie to have the coolest space possible. Move your desk in front of the window, loft your bed so you can have a fun hang out spot underneath, the space may be limited but your creativity isn't! Living in a dorm is an awesome way to explore and be open with your style.

2.  Communicate with your roommates.

Photo from Pinterest.

Roomies can become the best friends you've ever had, but if you just can't get along there are still ways you all can live happily in your little home. Dorms can get pretty messy, so making a chore chart is a great way to make sure everyone helps out and one person doesn't feel like they are doing all the work. The most important thing though is to communicate with your roomies whenever you have an issue because you should always feel welcome and happy in your own dorm.  Communication is key to not having someone resort to passive aggressive sticky notes. You all do not have to be best friends but, your roomies are some of your first impressions and experiences with college so they are definitely worth cherishing!

Dorm life can definitely be tough and tiring, but it is all about living the college experience and having your first step towards independence. If you deck out your room, have awesome roomies and keep a good attitude your dorm will be your home away from home.  Trust us on this!