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18 Honest Slogans We Can All Relate To

Sometimes companies aren’t completely honest when it comes to their slogans for their products. Whether it’s a food brand, a clothing company, or a popular website on the Internet, it’s much more effective to know exactly what their products are used for. It’s at least a whole lot funnier that way. Here are some hilarious and very honest slogans we can all relate to as college students.

1. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream


2. Netflix


3. Apple Products


4. Maruchan Ramen


5. Sriracha


6. American Apparel


7. Wikipedia


8. Hot Pockets


9. Google


10. Urban Outfitters


11. Paypal


12. Candy Crush


13. UGG


14. Sharpie


15. Cliffsnotes


16. Fiji water


17. Lexmark


18. NyQuil

Erin Wiley is a junior at the College of Charleston, pursuing an AB degree in Arts Management with a minor in Communication. She has been writing for Her Campus for almost two years and created and maintains Her Campus CofC's Pinterest page. She loves everything from music to movies to fashion, and everything in between. After college, she hopes to do something in the entertainment industry, working with either a music producer or a film company. In her spare time, Erin likes to read, watch movies, and walk around historic downtown Charleston.
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