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16 Quotes to Motivate you until Spring Break

The week before spring break is the worst. You’re so close to that glorious week off halfway through the semester, but still so far away. It doesn’t help that most professors decide to give midterms during the final week before spring break. It can get tough, but don’t lose hope! There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and if you can make it through the week, you’re free to do nothing for nine whole days!

Take a look at these motivational quotes to get you through the week. Print them out and tape them around your room if you need to. They even have the potential to inspire you through the rest of the semester when you get back from this short vacation!

1. Study. Work. Prepare. Dream.

2. The future really is bright. 

3. Nothing is impossible.

4. Wise words from a fellow student


5. Be awesome


6. Life goes on


7. Laugh often


8. Choose joy


9. Never be normal

10. Retail therapy

11. Challenge yourself in order to gain strength


12. When in doubt, chocolate fixes everything.


13. Try to be positive.


14. Let go of your worries.


15. You can do it!


16. Most inspirational of all – Hakuna Matata! 


Erin Wiley is a junior at the College of Charleston, pursuing an AB degree in Arts Management with a minor in Communication. She has been writing for Her Campus for almost two years and created and maintains Her Campus CofC's Pinterest page. She loves everything from music to movies to fashion, and everything in between. After college, she hopes to do something in the entertainment industry, working with either a music producer or a film company. In her spare time, Erin likes to read, watch movies, and walk around historic downtown Charleston.
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