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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

The election is right around the corner on November 8th and collegiettes, like ourselves, are having to make the big decision of who to vote for.  Do we vote for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or someone else? Or, the best option, something else?  Here is a list of things that we would much rather vote for than Donald Trump for president in 2016.  

1. An Origami Swan

A bit flimsy, a lot time consuming, but this swan has never made a vulgar comment.

2. A Dirty Sock 

I mean it smells, but even it thinks the wall is a bad idea. 

3. A Bent Paperclip

It’ll hold your papers together and it will NEVER discriminate. 

4. A Sopping Used Tissue

I wouldn’t touch it, but it did it’s job, and it did it right. 

5. A Chewed-on Pencil Eraser

Yeah, it’s seen better days, but so have American politics. 

6. A Moldy Strawberry

At one point that moldy strawberry was probably delicious, and it didn’t even have to take a small loan of a million dollars to be that way.

7. Glasses with no Lenses

They won’t fix anything but they also won’t deport anyone.

8. A Poptart 


It’ll only negatively affect your health, not anyone else’s, and it’ll taste good. 

9. A DVD of School of Rock

It showcases a true role model for American citizens.

10. A Bobble-head of the Ninth Doctor from Doctor Who!

Maybe we can time travel our way out of this election? 

11. Half a Pair of Scissors 

Not super useful. But also not in kahoots with Russia. 

12. A Photograph of Obama

He’s not leaving. He’s not. 

13. A Tacky, Itchy Christmas Sweater

You’ll be warm and you’ll understand climate change is actually a thing. 

14. Stephen King’s Latest Tweets

He doesn’t just write horror. He sometimes comments on it when it rears its ugly head in the real world. 

15. A History Textbook

If we’re lucky the name Trump will never grace these pages. 

This election you have the choice of who you vote for and #OurVoteCounts.  For more information on voter registration, visit the #OurVoteCounts website, or for each candidates platform visit their specific websites.

All Gifs used in this article were found via Google’s image search.