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10 Thoughts When Your Friend is Getting Married

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

College is the time when our lives start.  Some get jobs and do internships, some travel the world and explore, and some get married.  It seems like just yesterday we were babies and the new students on campus and now our friends are pairing up and taking the vow.  It seems crazy, but at the same time it’s amazing.  So, here are ten thoughts we have (and have had) when our friends are getting married.  

1. “Oh my gosh I’m so happy for you”

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The initial shock hits you.  You see the announcement on Facebook or you get the text from your friend and all you can be is happy for them.  You see how happy they are and feel overcome with emotions.  Whether it’s your first friend getting married or your tenth, the same initial feeling always comes.  Your friend is getting married.

2. “WOW”

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And here’s where the denial sets in.  Your friend is ACTUALLY getting married.  Yesterday you were just college students hoping to get an A in a class and trying not to overdose on caffeine and today they’re an engaged woman.  

3. “I can’t even cook and my friend is getting married”

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Your friend is becoming an adult and you can barely keep your life together.  You burn pasta on the regular and your friend is over here picking out a wedding dress and flower arrangements.  How did this happen you may ask yourself, well we still can’t answer that question for you.

4. “How many presents do we have to get them?”

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There’s the bridal shower, wedding shower, bachelorette party and actual wedding and for every single party you’re expected to bring some form of present.  When did this become a thing?  Don’t they know we’re broke college students and attending the wedding is stretching our budget?  Regardless though you fork out the gifts because, well, it’s their day and they’re special to you.  And alcohol is a great gift that anyone can enjoy.  

5. “When is the bachelorette party?”

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The one party we’re all waiting for.  It’s a time for drinking, gag gifts and probably making the bride uncomfortable in front of her siblings or future in-laws that decided to show up.  But, you know what, it’s going to be your one last hurrah together before they’re officially off the market.  (But that doesn’t mean we’re not stress drinking because we still can’t handle the fact that our friend is getting married.)

6. “What do you need help with and how can we help?”

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The time is now.  You go from being just the friend who is at the wedding or in the wedding to super-misses-fix-it-woman.  You’re prepared to hang decorations, get the bride some water or even hold her dress while she pees.  Whatever she needs going forward with the shower or actual wedding, you’re there to help because that’s what friends do.  

7. “Plz find us a boy like your fiance”

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How did you find him and where can we get one?  He’s great, we love him and he’s absolutely perfect for our friend, now we want one too.  We may not necessarily want a marriage or wedding just yet but this relationship is #goals and we want one now.  So, tell us your secrets, oh engaged friend.  

8. “I’m not crying, you’re crying”

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Now the emotions kick in.  Whether you’re a crier or you refuse to cry in public, the waterworks begin.  Your friend is getting married and you’re so incredibly happy for them that you just can’t help it.  Whether it’s from the toasts, the look the groom has when she’s walking down the aisle or just from her happy glow, it will happen.  Trust us.  

9. “Four year ago we were talking about our futures and now yours is beginning”

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Like we said, it seems like yesterday we were all starting college and trying to find our way in the world.  Now, they’re getting married.  We talked about this day as something way off in the distance but now it’s happening.  Let us reminisce on all the good times we had and how far we’ve come.  We’re so proud of our friend and still cannot believe this day is coming.  

10. “You deserve the world and we’re so incredibly happy for you”

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We love you, friend.  We can’t believe the day is approaching and soon you will be an official “misses.”  You’re going to be a wife and a dog mom, and we want you to know you deserve the world.  It’s crazy to think one of your best friends is going to be living with a boy for the rest of their adult life and enjoying every second of it and that makes us so happy.  We want you to have the world and we hope your fiance makes your world perfect.  

To the happy couples and the friends that are supporting them through the process, it’s going to get emotional (and maybe a little tipsy at times) but it’s going to be amazing.  Your friend deserves the world and you get to be by their side through the whole thing.  Cheers to all your friends getting married and may you make it through the engagement and wedding in one piece.  

A v-neck enthusiast from Greenville, South Carolina, Megan Dunn is a sophomore majoring in Communication and double minoring in Creative Writing and Film Studies. Having always been interested in media, she plans on one day being the female version of Ryan Seacrest. While she’s not writing or working on her campus radio show, Megan can be found binge watching Netflix or quoting Mean Girls.
Born and raised in the northernmost state, Alaska, Marissa flew south to College of Charleston for a little more sun and a little more heat.  She believes a good life involves coffee, puppies, and more coffee and free time is her favorite thing not to have.