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galentine\'s day party
galentine\'s day party
Krista Stucchio

10 Things To Do This Valentine’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C of C chapter.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, Valentine’s Day can still be celebrated. You can have a whole lot of fun spending it with your gal pals or deciding to make it all about you! So here are 10 things you can do this Valentine’s Day, with or without a SO.

Go Out To Dinner

Book a reservation to that fancy restaurant you’ve been dying to try forever, dress up nicely, and enjoy great company. You deserve it!

Explore the City

Take a walk or bike around downtown. Go down streets you’ve never explored before. One of my favorite places to go is Colonial Lake. Definitely try to to stop by in the eveining! It’s always a beautiful spot, especially during sunsets.

Take a Day Trip

Not feeling the chaos that’s sure to be down town Charleston during Valentine’s weekend? No worries! Spend the day in one of our neighboring islands like Kiawah Island, or if you really want to get away for the weekend, head down a little further south to Savannah, Georgia, another beautiful location to explore.

Go to the Beach!

The great thing about living in Charleston is that we are surrounded by water and beautiful beaches. Although the temperature isn’t quite tanning weather yet, some days have recently gotten up to 70 degrees! Take a drive to Sullivan’s Island or Folly Beach and spend the day in the sand. The beach is also a great place to escape light pollution and go stargazing at night.

Group Activities!

Get a group together and go bowling at the local alley downtown, or if you have access to a car, take a drive to the ice skating rink in North Charleston. Neither requires much skill to have a good time. Coming from someone with 0 balance, trust me, skating is always a good time when surrounded by good people.


Love can lead to disappointment and despair. Dessert, on the other hand, is always consistent and loyal. Whether that’s an ice cream run to Jeni’s on King Street or a piece of unforgettable cake at Kaminsky’s, you will leave with 0 regrets.

Go See A Movie

If you can’t decide between Netflix or getting out of the house, head to a theatre and see a new movie! Some of our nearby theaters are TerraceCitadel Mall, and Regal Palmetto Grande.

Go To A Museum 

Museums is one thing Charleston is not short on. We just so happen to have The Halsey Institute right on campus that is also, wait for it, free. Take a walk through and explore the different work. You can also walk down King and Meeting Street and browse through the different museums. Although some are not free, it is definitely a fun date idea.

Cook At Home

If you want to save money but still wanna eat good, decide on a dish you want to try, buy the ingredients, and spend the night cooking. This way you’ll be saving a few bucks, avoiding crazy wait times at restaurants, and having fun preparing food with your SO or besties!

Have a Night In

Don’t feel like going out? Spend the night in! Pamper yourself! Take a bath, try a face mask, eat some take out, and get all your favorite chick flicks lined up for the perfect evening with you and yourself.

Charleston is such a beautiful city full of so many amazing restaurants and cute places to explore. Whether you’re planning on going out or staying in, I hope this gave you some ideas on what to do this weekend and some reassurance that you don’t need a partner to have a great time! 

Hi, my name is Samantha! I am a senior here at the College of Charleston and am majoring in psychology. My interests include music, beauty, fitness, good food, and the city of Charleston!