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10 Things To Add To Your Christmas List

Whenever I’m out shopping or on an online spree, it seems like my cart is an abyss of things I want but can’t afford. Christmas time rolls around and someone asks “What are you asking for?” and somehow I forget the hours I’ve spent longing over the items in said cart. For that moment when you draw a blank, here are 10 practical things that you need for Christmas.

  1. Coffee Pods. As a college student, I basically live off coffee and naps. Buying coffee from Dunkin every day will start to add up and coffee pods are expensive, so I wouldn’t buy them for myself. I asked my grandma to get me pods and she ended up buying me a Costco 120 count box of coffee so I am set for the semester…or a few weeks.

  2. Charger. I recently invested in a 10-foot charger which makes rolling over in bed without unplugging my phone possible and comfortable.

  3. School supplies. Most of my supplies from the fall semester are pretty worn down and I’m going to need new notebooks for spring classes. Go back to school prepared for new classes with your brand new supplies!

  4. Decor. Most people’s college living situation is pretty lackluster. Ask for things to make your room feel a little more like home, like string lights, posters, salt rocks, lamps, and pillows.

  5. School Apparel. I never say no to tees and sweats, plus I like to show some school pride!

  6. Phone Case. Phones go through a lot and my case is pretty beat up. Also, phone cases carry a ton of germs.

  7. Makeup Wipes. I’ve yet to find cheap makeup wipes, but they are a necessity to keep your skin healthy.

  8. Beauty Blenders. They get dirty so fast and always need to be replaced.

  9. Scrunchies. This old trend is making a come back. Plus, they are much gentler on your hair than regular hair ties.

  10. Socks. I always seem to lose mine in the community laundry room and let’s be honest, college floors are not the cleanest to walk around in.

Hopefully, this list will help jog your memory at that moment when you feel like you are going to draw a black and get some practical gifts that all college kids need.

Emily Hart

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