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10 Songs I Can’t Get Out of My Head — Or Off My Playlists

Music is always on in the background for me, and I am constantly going back to the same feel-good songs to brighten my mood or get me through a study session or long drive. Music is a massive part of my life, and I’m always finding ways to incorporate music into everything I do. Here are some songs I can’t get off my mind.

“The Queen of Hearts” – Ezra Furman

This song is one of my current favorites, and always puts me in that “this is gonna be a good day” kind of mood. Released in 2012, this song by Ezra Furman has been featured on the Netflix original series, Sex Education, and can be found on multiple platforms including Apple Music, Youtube, and Spotify. Furman captures love in a way that is different from any other artist I have ever heard, and this song is definitely on all of my playlists at the moment.


“Honeybee” – The Head and The Heart

This song, released on the album Living Mirage in 2019, is one of the most beautiful love songs on my radar recently. The song begins with a beautiful piano solo and gradually moves into a more intense chorus with two gorgeous voices, and overall the song captures what it means to be in love. Shoutout to my roommate and her boyfriend for introducing me to this fabulous track, you guys are phenomenal.

“Stargirl Interlude” – The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey

This song is one that I can’t get off my mind. Both The Weeknd and Lana Del Rey have absolutely angelic vocal capabilities, and hearing them together on this song is the collaboration that my edgy early high school self would have adored had I found it earlier. Additionally, the elongated version (that can be found on Youtube) made me both cry like a baby and feel ecstatic, all in one sitting.

“CVS” (Acoustic Version) – Winnetka Bowling League

This track is the epitome of a quirky love song. It’s the song my roommate and I scream at the top of our lungs when we go for late night drives. The subtle, alluring vocals mixed with the fun music and amorous lyrics create an eccentric listening experience. Winnetka Bowling League has a very unique sound, and this song is definitely one of their best.

“Supersonic” (Acoustic) – Noel Gallagher

If you know me, you know that Oasis is my favorite band, period. Noel’s acoustic versions of the group’s classic songs are what get me through everything from finals to not knowing what song to put on in the car. This one is by far a favorite, as the song itself just brings out the best of the band’s persona, and the acoustic version makes it even better. Noel’s vocals on this version of the song and his acoustic guitar come together flawlessly to create one of the most beautiful sounds I have heard from the group. Unfortunately, this version of the song can only be found on Youtube, but it is 100% worth the search.

“Crazy” – Patsy Cline

Taking it back to1961 with this ageless classic, “Crazy” by Patsy Cline never disappoints. Growing up with the influence of my grandmother and spending a lot of time with her, I developed a deep and ever-present love for the oldies. Patsy Cline was one of the more popular female artists of the 1960s, and her songs always make me think of my time spent with my grandparents, and they give me a sense of timeless wonder. Cline’s vocals on this song are breathtaking, as her vibrato is truly showcased throughout this track. This song can be found on most platforms.

“Flourescent Adolescent” – Arctic Monkeys

Yes, I went there. Arctic Monkeys is an incredible musical group whose songs never fail to put me in the best angsty yet peaceful frame of mind. As a drummer myself, I take a lot of my musical inspiration from Matt Helders. Arctic Monkeys has mastered the balance between sad and upbeat sounds, and “Fluorescent Adolescent” is a fan favorite (for good reason).

“Marlboro Nights” – Lonely God

This song — although it’s on the shorter side (2 minutes) — is on every single one of my playlists. The simple beat combined with the solo vocals and fun guitar strumming makes for a track that always delivers and consistently brings light to any scenario. Plus, this song is amazing for a good long drive.

“Charity” – Courtney Barnett

This song is especially close to my heart, as my band and I play this one together. Barnett’s vocals on this track are so simple, yet so invigorating and lively. This song stays on my playlists, as it constantly allows me to feel inspired. Courtney Barnett is a very empowered woman artist and has a lot of fun with her songs, and “Charity” is no exception. Additionally, the guitar and bass line on “Charity” are absolutely unparalleled.

“Insecure” – iamnotshane

Shane’s music has been on my radar since my sophomore year of high school. His original beats mixed with subtle indie psychedelic vibes create a very inventive, often unconventional sound. Not only does Shane constantly bring new sounds to the table, but he is very upfront and authentic with his fans and on his social media. “Insecure’s” chorus gives me chills every time I hear it, and every time I listen it feels like the first time all over again.

“Heat Wave” – Snail Mail

I know I said I would only write about 10 songs on this list, but I simply could not help myself. Snail Mail is an indie rock group and their songs are constantly being added to my playlists. “Heat Wave” is a track that allows the face of the group, Lindsey Jordan, to flaunt her vocals. It also features fun guitar riffs throughout as well as a unique drum pattern. Overall, Snail Mail never disappoints and “Heat Wave” is a favorite for a reason.

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