10 Halloween Costumes Every Girl Wore as a Kid

No matter how old you are or what generation you grew up in, there are a handful of select costumes that every little girl wore for Halloween. Whether they were store-bought or homemade, body glitter, fake blood, and velvet cat ears were staples to almost every girl's child Halloween costume collection. 

So grab your favorite Halloween candy and get ready to take a trip back around to your old neighborhood cul-de-sac. 

Here are 10 Halloween costumes every girl remembers dressing up as:

  1. 1. Ladybug 

    This is like, a right-of-passage or something.

  2. 2. Witch

    Basic? Never. Iconic? Always. 

  3. 3. Cat

    Who would miss an opportunity to wear velvet kitty ears? 

  4. 4. Some sort of Vampire Princess

    Because what was fake blood and fangs without a tiara too?

  5. 5. Dorothy

    Did you honestly forget about the overly-sparkly-red shoes? The braided pigtails? The stuffed Todo in the basket you carried around all night? 

  6. 6. Any Disney Princess

    For obvious reasons. 

  7. 7. Pirate 

    The skull and crossbones made you feel tough af. Oh - and don't forget about the sword. 

  8. 8. Wonder Women / Supergirl / Batgirl

    These costumes came with actual superpowers and I'm pretty sure they were held in the gloves.

  9. 9. A Creepy Cheerleader or Doll 

    The year you went for that scary-cute kinda look.

  10. 10. 50’s Sock Hop

    What color was your poodle skirt? 


Halloween is one of the most fun holidays as a kid, and finding the perfectttt costume always made it that much more exciting! Regardless of whether you still dress up on the 30th or not, the memories you have in these nostalgic costumes will last forever.