Why I'm so Happy I Joined Her Campus

I’ve been writing for Her Campus C Mich for a year now, and writing here has been a great channel for growth.

When I first hopped on the C Mich team, we were just planning the launch of the chapter. There were only a few girls involved and we all had to jump right into writing articles every week to make sure we reached our weekly goals. Most of us had to double up on articles and it was overall kind of a frantic time trying to make sure that we were all writing in the right style, using the right pictures for articles, and publishing on time. On top of that, we had to start recruiting to build our chapter.

In that quick time period, I used and gained a lot of skills. We had to learn to communicate with each other about what we could or couldn’t get done. We had a lot of deadlines at the beginning that we couldn’t afford to miss and so we learned to step in where we were needed and fill in the gaps. We all had to be on the same page, and as the saying goes, communication really is key. We had to be timely, a skill that not everyone exercises. But, working on our deadlines helped me build a routine and become more accountable with myself for getting work done.

We also had to be creative with the content we were putting out. Being creative isn’t always an easy task. You have to push yourself past what is easy to make something that people will want to read. And finally, we had to be social and inviting. You can’t build a group off of awkwardness, we had to work to make connections and to portray our group as it was-- a really exciting opportunity for people of all writing abilities. During that time, I learned what it was like to work on a really good team. We did what we set out to do and we were able to grow from just a few girls to a larger, stronger group. Even if I was a little stressed at the beginning, I came out with some really good abilities.

The other big part of why I am so happy to be on the Her Campus team is related to the center of it all, writing. When I first heard that our Co-Correspondents Erin and Kara were trying to start a Her Campus chapter at Central, I immediately wanted to be on the team. Afterward, though, the more I thought about it the more I worried I had made a bad decision. I told myself that I didn’t have the writing skills to put out articles every week. I was so worried that I would fail and embarrass myself.

But, I got over that. As I started writing articles, I really enjoyed putting my opinion down or challenging myself to write something that I wasn’t sure how to write. I’ve been able to work on my writing skills and that is so valuable to my career as an advertiser. Plus, at every turn, my Her Campus team is always so supportive. At meetings, we talk about each other's articles and what we liked about them. Hearing that someone likes your work is always such a good feeling.

And now I’ve gained confidence in my writing, and I also have a great addition to my resume and something to talk about at interviews. Her Campus C Mich has helped me grow so many skills and helped me gain confidence in my writing and for that, I am so grateful.