Why I Am A Proud Fangirl

A fangirl or fanboy is an individual who is a fan of someone or something and they are usually extremely enthusiastic about it. When someone introduces themselves, they often won’t say they are a fangirl (or boy) because it comes with a whole array of preconceived notions and judgements. So, here’s a few of my reasons for being a self-proclaimed, and proud, fangirl. 

It’s a fun and enjoyable experience to be part of a fandom.

You can meet and interact with so many people and find out all the behind-the-scenes information about your favorite books, movies, shows, and games, all while being unabashedly yourself. Who wouldn’t find it fun to be goofy, geeky, and nerdy without a fear of being judged? It’s just an amazing experience that isn’t duplicated anywhere else.

It offers an escape from reality.

I don’t think there’s anyone who will say that life is a walk in the park, it can be so difficult sometimes to keep moving forward and pushing through. Escapes are needed from time to time and fandoms can offer that. Plus, since other people are avid consumers of the distractions fandoms offer, it’s an escape that still allows for social experiences. You can participate in leaving reality behind while not completely isolating yourself from the world.

You can talk with people who both understand and relate.

Too many times I have gotten over eager about discussing my favorite things with people who do not share the same passions. Being in a fandom means connecting with other fangirls and fanboys who allow me to talk (or rant) about the things I love without sounding like an absolutely crazy person. It also offers a venue for cultivating in-jokes and references with various individuals both online and in-person.

I think it’s a shame that people are made to be embarrassed of their ‘nerdy’ passions and interests.

People should not have to hide who they are and what they love from the world. Fandoms offer a place to share those geeky, nerdy, or weird passions without a fear of being misunderstood and judged. This is a good start to learning and practicing both acceptance and understanding.

The communities of fangirls and fanboys remain unmatched to anything else.

Every fandom I have found myself a part of has had such an outpouring of love and understanding that is unequal to any other form of group I’ve joined. There are such high levels of support for whatever the fandom has gathered around, as well as support for each member of that fandom. It is just an absolute pleasure to be a part of.

It keeps the story alive.

Whether the fandom is centered around a book, movie, show, or game the fandom keeps that story alive with new input, opinions, thoughts, and creative endeavors. Even after the actual story has ended, fandoms have the power to enable it to keep going and living on in the hearts and minds of its fangirls and boys.

Fandoms offer a way to appreciate the creative works and talents of others.

Fanart, fanfiction, and so much more is generated out of a fandom and social media and other sites allow members of that fandom from all over the world to view/read those creations. As a member of fandoms I can like, comment on, and offer support to these artists who create content for free.

Strong connections can be formed between virtual strangers.

Whether it is the creators and producers of the original content that led to a fandom being born, or the members of that fandom themselves, everyone involved can experience unconditional appreciation, care, understanding, and support from individuals that they have never even met. Oftentimes people involved in fandoms won’t even know each other’s real names, but they still come together. When a member of the fandom is going through a rough day there is a rallying of supporters that offer comfort and a reminder that it will get better.

Being a fangirl often leads to finding your role models.

As I’ve entered fandoms I’ve come to learn more about the people within them, and some of them I wish I could be more like. Being in the fandom has allowed me to continue to learn about them, look up to them, and support them in various ways. Not only does being a part of a fandom allow one to find new (sometimes more obscure) role models but it also allows for continued learning opportunities stemming from those models.

Fangirls and fanboys can be a force for good in this world.

Fandoms can rally around charities and good causes, spearheaded by those the members of the fandom look up to. This alliance of people from all around the world can lead to so much good. From offering aid to raising donations these groups can do a lot in relatively little time because they have already accomplished the difficult part of bringing a wide arrange of individuals together to support a cause.

Being a fangirl is not something that I will ever be ashamed of. It’s fun, entertaining and also makes you a part of something greater than yourself. So maybe it’s time to set aside the judgements and gain a sense of passion.