Why Holding a Warm Mug Makes Life About 89% Better

As the days get shorter and shorter and the weather gets colder and colder, we’re approaching peak mug season and I could not be more grateful. There is nothing quite like being able to curl up under a blanket with a mug of tea or coffee and just exist for a bit. Holding a warm mug makes life about 89% better.


Nothing beats the sensation of a perfectly toasty mug paired with the coffee or tea of your choice.  It’s a two for one: not only do you get to enjoy a hot drink but you also get to warm up after being outside.  Something about holding a hot cup in cold hands makes just a slight improvement in your day.


There are so many choices for what to fill them with! Coffee is my go-to during the week to get going. Hot tea is just so soothing, especially for Sunday mornings. Seasonal drinks are equally lovely like cups of hot cider (or chaider!) during the fall and hot cocoa in the winter.


There’s just something about drinking warm tea when you’re sick.  Nothing quite compares to a hot cup of tea with honey when you’ve got a sore throat. Drinking hot beverages can make almost anything better (especially when you’ve got a cold).


Drinking from a mug slows us down. You can’t just gulp down a hot drink- whenever you’ve got  a warm cup, it’s a perfect opportunity to sit down and enjoy existing for a while. Especially when getting coffee with friends, it’s nice to be able to sit and chat. Life can be crazy so taking the time to enjoy it can make it worth it.  Holding a warm mug makes you do just that.