We're finally getting free tampons on campus!

On September 19, the Student Government Association approved the “Menstrual Hygiene Product Initiative” and purchased $1,500 worth of tampons from “Tampon Tribe”, a California-based organic feminine hygiene product supplier.

As a woman who has periods regularly, I am so happy that an item like this has passed through SGA. Beginning on October 2, these tampons will be available all semester in four women’s restrooms: one in the UC, the SAC, Park Library, and the Student Government Association office on the first floor of the UC.

This has happened to me many times, and I’m sure it’s happen to many other women as well; when you leave home in the morning, you’re so busy that you forget to bring a tampon or pad with you while you’re at class all day. When you need one, you don’t have one. Also, we all know that half of the pad and tampon dispensers on campus don’t work. I’ve tried putting my quarters into the machine and they won’t turn or they get stuck. Great. Also, sometimes we don’t always carry change on us to even pay for the tampon machine. I barely ever carry money on me. The struggle of having a bleeding vagina.

It’s bad enough that we have to spend so much money each year on these products, and we can’t control our bodily functions. Trust me, if I could easily stop having a period, I would. The added struggle of getting a tampon, or pad, when we really need one, just makes the situation more frustrating.

According to cm-life.com, SGA Vice President Lyndi Rose said, “For now, this is a trial run. Next year we’re hoping administration will supply both tampons and pads.”

The article states that SGA plans on only supplying tampons in these four locations for the semester. I hope that it gets approved for more bathrooms across campus; since the need for a tampon could happen anywhere, anytime. Also, as someone who prefers pads, I would love to see pads added as well.

We are moving in the right direction, and I am glad that SGA has approved this opportunity for our University. The women of CMU thank you.