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Turn on Your Brain and Turn Off the Tanning Bed


It’s that time of year again. Summer is over, shorts are replaced with leggings, and the switch over to winter complexion cosmetics ensues. It’s also a time where girls unfortunately start to buy tanning packages to keep up their summer glow. I’m here to tell you why tanning beds are so last century and to share with you great healthy alternatives that I’ve found. But we’ll get to that later. 

Now, I know some of you don’t want a lecture from some 21-year-old girl and are ready to close this article, but I really hope you won’t. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like a good tan. Having a tan glow gives women confidence and makes them feel beautiful, which I can relate to. But what I will never wrap my head around is why today, knowing what we know about artificial sunlight and skin cancer, people still go to the tanning booth. I’ve written about this topic before and I’m writing about it again because it is time for women to SNAP OUT OF IT and stop knowingly harming themselves in the name of beauty. This is the only skin you get, take care of it. No matter what garbage society tries to tell you, you are beautiful with or without a tan. 

Here are my thoughts on using tanning beds: In college we do so many awful things to our body. Drinking, fast food diets, lack of sleeping, ect. Why not make a promise to do something great for your body (that takes way less effort than promising to go to the gym), and stop damaging your skin and warmly welcoming skin cancer into your life like it’s a new member of your sorority.

Skin cancer can be a simple sketchy mole you have to get removed…if you’re lucky. If you aren’t familiar with the skin cancer melanoma, do yourself a favor and Google it. It’s terrifying. According to WebMD “Your risk of melanoma increases by 75 percent when you use tanning beds before the age of 35”. I know some of you are thinking of all the positive things you’ve heard about tanning beds and are ready to ramble them off to me in the comments and prove me wrong. Save it. The facts are the facts.

After my close friend had a melanoma scare 3 years ago, I’ve pledged to myself that I will never step foot at a tanning salon again. I would like to say that I’m completely confident with my winter skin tone that prompts people to ask me if I’m ill/hung over, but I’m not. Because of that I’ve searched for any and all healthy alternatives to getting a bronzed glow. Here are what I have found to be the two absolute BEST fake tanning solutions.

This is a photo of my roommate with 2 layers of Bondi Sands Dark Tanning Foam on her left leg and 2 layers of Saint Tropez Tanning Foam on her right (it’s an even more drastic change in person). She waited about 15 minutes after the initial application to put on another layer. As you can see these products give results. BONUS they’re also safe and won’t leave you with blotchy patches of tan after you shower. 

1) Bondi Sands Dark Tanning Foam

I just recently tried this foam because they finally ship to the US, and I’m obsessed. It gives you an instant tan and has a beachy coconut smell. Bondi Sands is my personal favorite because it really enhances my olive skin tone. Check out more before and after photos on their Instagram page. You can get this size bottle and an applicator glove at www.bondisands.com.au for $19.95 plus $15 shipping.


2) Saint Tropez Tanning Foam (Also comes in dark)


I’ve been using Saint Tropez for about a year now and I swear by it. It’s super light and has a fresh fragrance and doesn’t smell like typical self-tanners. You can get this size bottle and an applicator glove at www.ulta.com for around 40$ plus shipping.


I urge everyone to try these products and take care of their skin. You’ll thank me when you’re older!

Beth is a Senior at Central Michigan University. She is majoring in Apparel Merchandising and Design with a minor in Advertising. Beth is an active member of the sorority Phi Sigma Sigma. Her hopes are to be Chicago/LA/NYC bound in the next 2 years, working in the styling or product development area of the fashion industry. An interesting fact about Beth is that she is extremely obsessed with Beyoncé.
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