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Top 10 Halloween Costumes

Everyone is always telling you to be yourself, but once a year you can be someone else… or something.


Halloween is a time to express your creativity, things you like, and a perfect time to try out new hair and makeup techniques. So go ahead and get a little wild with the eye shadow, channel your inner Beyonce (maybe even coordinate with a Jay-Z) and have fun! Just one piece of advice: keep it classy.


Here is a list of possible Halloween costumes to do either solo, with friends, or as a couple.


1.     Social Media – Choose the social media site you most addicted to and make a dress for it! You and your friends can be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. 

2.     Spice Girls – Doesn’t every girl dream of being a pop star at some point in their life? Why not live out those dreams with your friends!

3.     Nerds – Candy and books… Sounds like a night of last minute studying at the library.

4.     Toddlers and Tiaras – Any reason to wear a tiara is a good reason, might as well wear a tutu to go with it!

5.     Will and Kate… and George – Instead of being the usual Disney Princesses, be the modern day Cinderella and Prince Charming.

6.     Jake and Jill after the Hill – Your hair can be a mess and it’s alright… This sounds like a dream come true.

7.     Rosie the Riveter – Just because it’s fun to wear high-waist shorts, a bandana and combat boots.

8.     Memes – The best part of our generation is the things you find online, so dress up as the Ermahgerd girl, the Forever Alone meme, or even the grumpy cat.

9.     iPods – Remember when people had the colorful iPods before everyone got their iPhones? Choose your favorite color and be your old iPod!

10. Peter Pan and his Shadow – As long as you can find a friend who doesn’t mind not being so noticeable, this costume is sure to be memorable!

This is the one time a year you are free to be who you want for one night, or the whole weekend. Make it a memorable night with your friends and dance the night away! Put a different twist on these costumes to make it your own. You want people to remember your Halloween costume! If you can incorporate your favorite color into it, do it! If you can add a signature accessory you wear, such as a necklace or purse, do that! Get a group of friends together and go to thrift shops and craft stores to get the supplies you may need to make your costumes. While working on your costumes turn on old Halloween movies. Afterall, who doesn’t love Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown?


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