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In my last article I had only just begun to lose my Stitch Fix virginity. After two long weeks of patiently waiting, my first “Fix” has finally arrived.

To be honest, I had no idea what to expect. Especially after seeing the size of the box, I figured my shopper had decided to take an easy way out and just throw a couple of generically “chic” tank tops in there and call it a day. However, after I opened the box, I quickly realized my pessimist assumptions were wrong. 

For starters, Stitch Fix literally supplies you with everything you need to complete a “Fix” process. Right when you open the box, there is a small, bundled ball neatly wrapped in tissue paper, topped off with a giant blue sticker. On top of that, is the return bag I mentioned in the last article. It is already addressed with the return label so you do not have to go through the hassle of a return process. You simply put what you do not want in the bag, seal it, and drop it in the nearest postal box.

With each fix also comes an envelope of papers that describe and explain all of the items in the box. Although I could describe each paper in detail, I’ll just give you the Spark Notes version of what the envelope contains.

Greetings from your personal shopper:

-Explains briefly what each item is in the box and why they chose it

-Gives you options of how to style your outfit with each item

-I think they also use this as a way to connect/relate to your shopper (i.e., My girl, Becky, is a fellow aquatic zodiac and she “had a great time styling me today!” Aw shucks, Becky, you’re so sweet.)

Style Guide

-This is kind of like the instruction manual to your fix

-Shows you each item in your box in an outfit layout

-Gives you an idea of how you can mix and match your style (i.e. How to take that little black dress from daytime, preppy season one Jenny Humphrey (Gossip Girl) all the way to angsty, grunge-y chic Jenny in season four)

Price sheet:

-Provides names and brands for each item in the fix

-Gives a break down of the price of each item

-Sums up the total price of the entire fix

-Subtracts the $20 service fee you initially paid for the fix

 -Provides the price you pay if you buy the entire fix

-This includes deducting the 25% you get when you buy the entire fix

-Shows you how much you saved by buying the whole box

Now, for the fun part!

In my Fix, I received:

            -2 tank tops

            – A dress (I requested that Becky hook me up with a bomb dress for my 21st birthday party)

            -A patterned paneled skirt

-A silver necklace…


After various rounds of amateur modeling, piecing together outfits with clothes I already had with the ones from my Fix, and asking my roommates for opinions on every single ensemble, I decided to keep one tank top (go figure). Through this process, though, I did feel like Becky truly read into my style soul. Maybe it’s because she’s an aquarius, I’m a pisces and we naturally connect through the stars, but I really appreciated that it really felt like she had looked through my style profile. She also gave me a variety of styles and options which was nice because I have a very eclectic clothing interest.

The next step in the fix process is easy. You put whatever you don’t want into the provided bag, seal it and drop it in a mailbox somewhere within the next three business days. Then you go online to your Stitch Fix account and there will be a button that says “proceed to check out.” From there you fill out a little form about what you’re keeping and what you’re returning. This includes a short survey with each individual item of the type of fit, if it was your style, if it was too big or too small, etc. There is also a text box where you can explain to your stylist why you’re keeping or returning the item to give them more information to go off of when working on your next fix. When you’re done you just simply click “check out” and you’ve finished your first fix!

Although I only kept one item this time, it was kind of a rush not knowing what to expect in the next Fix. Don’t worry, I’ll check in with you again around March 4!

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