Stitch Fix: A New Convenience For Fashion

Just about every year, right around the time the temperature drops below 45, I find myself starting what I like to call “My Winter Style Rotation.” That is, rotating through all of the sweatshirts, leggings and boots that I own. This rotation lasts until about early May when I feel confident that I can go outside in shorts without wasting the weekly leg shave. I find this rotation a gift and a curse for me during the winter. Gift: I know what I am going to wear everyday. Curse: once it is time for me to go out with the girls, it’s as though I have never dressed myself before and just end up wearing a modified version of my routine outfit anyway. This clearly makes it a little bit difficult to buy new clothes in the winter because I have no idea what to pick out and what I do end up buying just looks like all of the clothes I already have. So last month when my friend, Alexis, said she was going to try this thing called Stitch Fix, I decided to put the yoga pants down for a second and listen to this new shopping concept.

I have to admit at first I did not want to even look into trying this new fad. Mostly because as an involved college student only working two nights a week as a server, I did not want to look into anything that was going to cost me two paychecks (believe me when I say, people do not tip enough for me to go spending my money all willy nilly). Plus, God forbid my personal shopper doesn’t send me any items I can add to the winter rotation. After doing research and asking my friend Alexis about her experience with the webiste, I found Stitch Fix allows you fill out a thorough survey about your personality, your clothing interests, etc. From there, you submit the survey and are matched up with an anonymous personal shopper who, based on your style profile, finds five items you may like and sends them right to your door. Easy, right?

The best part about this is you can comfortably stay within your own winter style routine while you wait for each “fix” to arrive. Definitely a lazy girl’s heaven (only without shirtless Channing Tatum there to serve you pancakes in bed).

Here are the basic “need-to-knows” about Stitch Fix:

1. The survey about yourself is incredibly straight forward and user friendly, it makes it easy to get detailed about your style without having to describe it in words

2. Stitch Fix currently offers pants, skirts, dresses, sweaters, shirts, outwear, scarves, jewelry and bags

3. They carry sizes: 0/XS-14/XL

4. Each box has five items in it

5. There is a $20 service fee with each “fix,” however, this goes towards whatever you keep from the box

            -Ex: You like a shirt that is $30, you only end up paying $10 towards the box

            -You also are not charged anything until the day they send you a “fix”

6. Sending back the box is simple: there is a pre-paid bag provided to put all unwanted items in and you just drop it off at a mailbox

7. You have three days from when your “fix” arrives to send back whatever you do not want

8. Keep the entire box and you get 25% off

9. Stitch Fix allows you to connect your style profile to your Pinterest incase you have a board dedicated to clothing/jewelry/bags

10. You set your price point for items (average: $55)

11. Stylists keep track of what you like and what you send back

12. Boxes come with cards in them on how to wear each item and another card of why your stylist chose these particular items

13. Unless you select that you want them to automatically send you a fix every month, you decide when you would like your next “fix” to arrive at your own convenience

14. You can update your sizes and Style Profile at any time

15. You can cancel your account at anytime

16. If you are sent an item that you saw someone selling for cheaper in a store, Stitch Fix will match the price

17. Last, but not least, there is a referral program where you can get $25 in Stitch Fix credit every time someone new joins and mentions your name


My first “Fix” is scheduled to arrive Feb. 17. Depending on how this first box goes, we will see how much this new shopping concept will break me from my winter style rotation. Nonetheless, I will report back its success.