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Specific Music Edits to Listen to

Are you looking for a twist on your favorite songs? Well, have I got the thing for you. There has been a recent trend called “specific music edits” and these edits are basically a song but in very specific situations like “[song] but acapella in a cathedral”, “[song] except in the bathroom at a party” or “[song] but from your neighbor’s porch late at night”. And let me tell you, I love these things. Specific music edits are a fun way to hear a lot of classic songs in a new way. Maybe listening to a “Yellow” by Coldplay in a gas station elicits an emotion you’ve never felt before. I don’t know. I do know that there are many, many edits floating around the internet, so here is a list of songs to get you acquainted with the trend.

Empty Shopping Malls / Stores / Restaurant

Honestly, not a favorite of mine but definitely the spookiest of edits.

M83- Midnight City (playing in an empty shopping centre)

Louis Armstrong- What A Wonderful World (playing in an empty shopping centre)

“Hey There Delilah” but it’s played in an empty Toys R Us at 2:37 pm with moderate traffic outside 

listening to an old jukebox alone in a diner at 4.37am 

In the Rain / Outside Noises / From Next Door

Not revolutionary, but still nice. The “from next door” ones are kinda fun and make me feel very nostalgic.

Paramore- The Only Exception (at home) rain + thunders

Kodaline – All I Want while driving at night in the rain

Give Me Love – Rain Version (Ed Sheeran)

Take Me Home Country Roads – John Denver But It’s From A Back Porch On A Summer Night

In a Bathroom

It’s weird, but not bad. Just give them a listen.

Lana Del Rey – Video Games (bathroom effect)

“BØRNS – Electric Love” but you’re in a bathroom at a party

“Elvis Presley – Can’t Help Falling In Love” but you’re in a bathroom at a party


Some additional songs that didn’t have a full category.

Lana Del Rey – Young and Beautiful (bad audio stereo cassette)

Coldplay – Fix You (Acapella in the Cathedral) + slowed

Yellow by Coldplay playing at the gas station

You’re playing Pokémon Soul Silver in the back seat on a trip while The Only Exception plays

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