A Playlist for All Your Halloween Needs


Because Halloween is my favorite time of the whole year, and I am a seasoned music geek, I decided this was the perfect time to share with the world my ultimate Halloween playlist.


Besides the super obvious Monster Mash and Spooky Scary Skeletons remix, I’ve compiled a list of the best songs to jam to while carving pumpkins, getting ready for a spooky night out, or driving through the bright orange, falling leaves.


I must warn you, the following playlist does not include just a set of songs ABOUT halloween, but songs that will give you an eerie vibe, songs that will make you fear the shadows in your bedroom, songs that will make you question your sanity. Truly bizarre songs.


Black Wedding by In This Moment With the uncanny instruments and deathly lyrics, this song is one you HAVE to blast.


Witching Hour by Rezz An instrumental masterpiece, and nothing that you are expecting if you’ve never heard Rezz’s work.


Gasoline (Cover) by American Avenue Originally by Halsey, American Avenue donates a harder vibe to the already dark song, making for the perfect twisted jam.


Kill of the Night by Gin Wigmore A more chill vibe, with more melancholy tones than most of the other songs listed here. Will make you question your daily October decisions.


The Devil Within by Digital Daggers Don’t listen to this right before you go to bed. That’s all I have to say.


Any Last Words by New Years Day The sassiest, bloodiest jam that makes me want to both scream and dance; a perfect combination.


Night Prowler by AC/DC The song that some say sparked the serial murders of the infamous Night Stalker that ran through the big city of Los Angeles, gruesomely eerie. 


The Haunting by Set it Off With the small bells of the intro and the incredibly haunting lyrics, this song is a bit of a headbanger.


Bloody Mary by New Years Day A musical twist on an ancient legend, with a suuper catchy beat.


This is the New Shit (Rezz Remix) by Marilyn Manson Though this one is not available on Spotify, this one is ABSOLUTELY worth checking out. A dark twist on an already intense song.


If you want a more concrete example, and a plethora of more songs, you can follow the full playlist DOOMSDAY on Spotify.