Our Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Reality T.V. Shows

One of the many entertainment trends that our generation has made popular is reality television. You are bound to come across at least one reality show on almost every television network. Some people say that reality television is all “trash”, which I’m not arguing with, BUT it is entertaining and often addicting. Networks such as Bravo, E!, MTV, and others are now dominated by these shows, which can be considered guilty pleasures to many. Shows with drama, arguments, dating and extravagant lifestyles – what could be more entertaining than that?

Bravo and E! are the go-to channels when looking to get your fix of reality television. The Bravo series, The Real Housewives, will be sure to keep your attention with an insane amount of drama wrapped into each episode. The multiple shows within this series feature women in Beverly Hills, Orange County, Miami, Atlanta, New York City and DC to give us a look at the lives of housewives throughout the country. The extravagant life style that each housewife lives (courtesy of her husband) may be full of surprises and always entertaining.

A show that has spun off of Real Housewives is Vanderpump Rules. Lisa Vanderpump, a Beverly Hills housewife, owns a restaurant called “Sur” and the show is about the drama within her group of employees. The first season has just come to a close, ending with some mind-blowing drama. If you have seen this show, you will agree that it takes addiction to a whole new level. 

Another show that gives us the inside scoop on Beverly Hill’s residence is the new E! series, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Don’t be deceived by the name. These “kids” are in their mid twenties and living like stars. Born into lavish lifestyles, this group of friends spends their time on luxurious ‘vacays’ and million dollar parties for all of us to see.

Here’s a new reality show that can become a guilty pleasure after just one episode: 100 Days of Summer. This is about a group of friends who live in Chicago and their summer fun. Although most of these people do live quite luxurious lives, they also have good jobs to support their lifestyles. But don’t you worry; there is plenty of drama and secrets within this group that will keep you wanting more.

We can’t forget about the show that has aired for eight seasons and is still going strong, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Although some people may question how the Kardashians are as famous as they are (or famous at all for that matter), they do have the ability to make a hit reality show that we seem to keep wanting more of. Each Kardashian, including Scott Disick, has a big personality, which keeps the show interesting.  America has watched the Kardashians grow up through the last eight seasons to be married, divorced, and become parents. Even though some may say that they hate them, let’s be honest -- you love to hate them, which makes for a perfect guilty pleasure.