Is Now the Right Time For You To Get A Puppy?

If you’re the type of person who seems content with their life until you see that adorable, little,rambunctious puppy at the park, then here’s some advice for you! Adopting a new puppy, teaching it tricks and loving it seems like a simple process, but there’s much more to it. Hopefully, this will give you some insight into whether you’re ready to take on a delightful ankle biter of your own. 

Money!  Puppies can be an expensive investment from new toys, vet bills, and other unforeseen expenses. You have to be ready in case your new pup needs a quick trip to an emergency vet or decides to chew up your entire living room rug! Money is one of the biggest deciding factors for many people when it comes to adopting a new friend. It is possible to raise a puppy on a budget, but sometimes it isn’t always in your pet’s best interest to eat that cheap puppy chow with some unhealthy ingredients. Make sure you have a good amount of money saved up to get your little angel everything they could possibly require.

Time!  New puppies can need many hours of your time. Depending on how young your puppy is when you get her or him, they may not be potty trained. This means letting your dog out every couple of hours, which isn’t always possible when you’re gone more than eight hours a day. Pups also need playtime and plenty of attention. They are just learning what they can and can't do while they’re bored at home. The longer they’re alone, the better the chance your new shoes could be gone by the time you get home. You also want to spend time with your puppy while they're young so you can form those important pack bonds with them. 

Patience!  This is one topic very few people think of when they’re deciding to get a puppy. You may need to be patient for a long time with your puppy because they are still just a baby. A new puppy may have so much energy and have trouble paying attention to you too. Your new family member may also not fully be potty trained yet, and that can be a long road. Some dogs still have accidents until they are a full year old and able to control their bladders.

Adding a new puppy to your family can be an incredible experience and help fill your life with unconditional love, but just make sure you’re ready for all the other experiences that come with it!