Music for Spontaneous Love from a Wild Child

Something about Valentine’s Week turns me into a hopeless romantic with heart-shaped eyes, carrying a fanny pack full of rose quartz, the $3 I reserved for Winking Owl Moscato and a Spotify playlist beaming with love songs.

I contemplate how after building a legacy of writing columns celebrating the single lifestyle and discrediting the white picket fences and poodle-dog bushes of American romance, I still can’t help but fall under the season’s spell.

It’s like a soul once devoted to being unattached and theoretically free is drowned by her own faux fur blankets and daydreams of being the spotlighted dancer in a flash mob going too damn hard to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.”

Inevitably, I’m panicking because my hair flips are becoming much more animated and I’m screenshotting beautified F. Scott Fitzgerald quotes off of Pinterest.

I’ve always felt like I met the requirements for being a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, especially the type immortalized for making struggling authors and retired cigarette smokers dance to Hall and Oates songs.

My spring evenings are spent twirling groundlessly to lush house music in the rain and I drink Ethiopian coffee. Sometimes while I sit crisscrossed on top of ottomans and scroll through my subscription of The New Yorker, I can’t help but pander to my narcissistic sensations and wonder when I’ll be worthy of the love songs I praise.

Something about the season’s music makes one want to better cherish moments shared with fading lovers and to ultimately see them through kaleidoscope glasses.

The sound demands individuals to embrace vulnerability in its most potent form.

Below, I have listed the Top 10 songs that make me a hopeless romantic this Valentine’s Week.

10. “In the Midst Of It All” by Tom Misch (featuring Sam Wills); Beat Tape 2

9. “All of Me” by Big Gigantic (featuring Logic and Rozes); Brighter Future

8. “Deja Vu (Whethan Remix)” by Whethan: Post Malone (x) Justin Bieber

7. “All We Need” by Odesza (featuring Shy Girls); In Return

6. “Franny” by the Magic City Hippies

5. “Garden (Say it Like Dat)” by SZA; Ctrl

4. “Be Your Girl” by Teedra Moses (Kaytranada Edition)

3. “My Favorite Part” by Mac Miller (featuring Ariana Grande); The Divine Feminine

2. “Thinking About You” by Calvin Harris (featuring Ayah Marar); 18 Months

1.”Stay Lost” (Cobu Remix) by Joe Hertz (featuring Amber-Simone); Chapter One

Honorable Mention:

“Divide” by Odesza (featuring Kelsey Bulkin); A Moment Apart