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Mountain Town: Mount Pleasant’s Hidden Treasure

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C Mich chapter.


There are some pretty good bars in Mt. Pleasant to visit once you turn that golden 21. Lets face it, we know the typical CMU, bar-star schedule. On Tuesday’s you’re usually making an appearance at “Pints,” and on Wednesday’s, the Cabin seems to be the place everyone wanted to be. The rest of the time, our Thursday’s, Friday’s, and Saturday’s are spent downtown. Although, these are great bars in this town to go grab a drink after a stressful day or week of class, do you ever find yourself getting sick and tired of going to the same places every weekend? If you have a special love for craft beers, you need to check out the restaurant and bar, Mountain Town Station or The Mt. Pleasant Brewing Company.

Mountain Town Station is a restaurant with excellent food, and divine specialty brewed beers and wine. Even though the inside looks like a brewery, only a handful of their beers are made there. The others are brewed a couple blocks away on Pickard at the Mountain Town Brewing Company. They expanded from the restaurant, and have since received their micro-brew license. They now run a brewery manufacturing, packaging, and distributing for homemade brewed beers.

Not only is it the place where a majority of the beer is made, but it’s also connected to the “Tap Room.” This is the bar or lounge area, which offers 18 homemade beers on tap. The atmosphere is different than any other place in the city because the music they play is mellow and alternative, which gives the bar a laid back vibe.


The top reason to fall in love with Mountain Town is their selection of excellently brewed beers. They are constantly featuring new brews and continuously change them throughout the seasons. Now that spring is here (hopefully on its way soon) there are many new options to choose from, such as Mango Gruit or the Irish Red Ale!

The seasonal beers are very tasty, but the year-round brews are delicious as well. Some popular favorites are the Railyard Raspberry Wheat and Gambler’s Golden Ale. They are great on their own, but also taste excellent when mixed together. It’s the perfect beer combination that you must try! Not only are you able to mix and match any beers of your choice, but you can also enjoy Mountain Town beer at home by purchasing their famous growlers. Reasonably priced, once you purchase a growler, you can go in anytime to get a re-fill for a great deal. 

Another must-try for customers is the Trainwreck Ale. This 8.2 percent brew is a mixture of honey and maple syrup, which gives it a sweet and satisfying taste. This is one of the brewery’s most popular beers and they have it distributed on tap in various bars throughout the city.

If you know your craft beer, and are looking for a different atmosphere, visit the Mountain Town Brewing Company or Mountain Town Station for a whole new beer experience. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter and drink up!


Facebook: Mount Pleasant Brewing Company

Twitter: @MtPBrewingCo



Anna Harden is a senior at Central Michigan University majoring in Integrative Public Relations. She would love to eventually work in the music, promotions or entertainment industry doing Public Relations. Anna loves writing, music, films, television and all things social media!