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Make Sure You Live Your Dream

Do you ever have those days where dropping out of school and living in your parents basement sounds like a better idea than taking an exam? I think it’s safe to say we’ve all been there. All you need is a quick reminder on why you love what you are studying. This is why you should make a dream board!

Dream boards are simple. Cut out pictures from magazines of what you want your future to look like (career, family, travel, ect.), things you like to do, and are inspiring. Next, glue them onto a poster board and you’re done! You can even just put the pictures on a bulletin board, that way you can change it around every once in a while.

The concept of a dream board is to motivate you to never give up. We all need that motivation halfway through a semester, right? Putting your dream board in a place where you will see it everyday will motivate you. It may sound dumb, but it really does work! The key is to make sure the things you want most have a big section on your dream board. For your career, put a lot of people you look up to in this area, as well as inspiring words and objects that have to do with this career. 

For the future, you can put words such as “love” and “family” and some pictures of pets. A picture of a cute boy couldn’t hurt, either! Is there something you want to do before you die but don’t know when you’ll do it? Put it on the board! Seeing it everyday will make you even more excited to cross it off of your bucket list. Another section could be of places you want to go. If you’re a travel bug, put places you’ve always dreamed of going. I hear Spain is lovely this time of year.

Again, put the dream board where you will see it everyday. Put it by your door, bed, desk or your mirror. You won’t see results in your life if you don’t see it all the time!

Do you want your dream board to go with you everywhere? There are apps for that! Once you find one you like you can put all of your information in it and then you will always have your dream board with you! People say that if you picture something enough, it will happen. Seeing your dream board everyday is just setting you up for success! Grab your favorite magazines and start cutting. School will seem easier once you know what you are really working for. 

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