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Life Advice Inspired by Buddhism


When thinking of Buddhism, most imagine a large, Asian man determined to find inner peace. Although that idea isn’t completely off track, Buddhism exemplifies a way of living that is beneficial for both one’s personal and social life, whether you consider yourself a Buddhist or not. 

This semester I signed up to take Intro to Buddhist Tradition expecting it to bring a new perspective on life to my eyes, but to my surprise, it brought that and more. Since taking Buddhism, regular meditation has become a regular part of my lifestyle. Balancing school, a social life, and a job is tough for any college student. Meditation has helped me overthink less and remain levelheaded. Though there are many styles of meditation, simply taking 5 or 10 minutes out of the day to sit and reflect has had a huge impact on my emotional stability.            Buddhism also explains the importance of living in the present moment. Taking this course made me realize that I don’t live in the current moment as much as I should. Many students like myself tend to be nostalgic about the past, or spend too much time worrying about the future. Embracing the simple exercise of focusing on my breath has improved my stress levels and anxiety. Mediation has also allowed me to become more mindful by being aware of my surroundings, and recognizing how my actions affect my life and those around me.             Promoting happiness is also a large part of Buddhism that I chose to embrace. We all know it is easy to get down about little things, but as I started to recognize that those who do the hurting need cheering up most, I became stronger as a person. Thich Nhat, a Buddhist monk and peace activist, taught us to be kind to one another and spread joy. Living a positive lifestyle, while spreading your physical and emotional wealth, will in turn, make other people happy as well.             Whether you are Catholic, Atheist, or non-religious, applying Buddha’s teachings of wisdom, ethics, and mental discipline to your own life will allow you to create a simpler more meaningful lifestyle.   

5 life tips inspired by Buddha

1. Meditate or do yoga2. Surround yourself with positive people3. Be kind to everyone you meet4. Live in the present moment5. Take responsibility for your life

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