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A Letter to my Graduating Friend

Hi there, it’s me, ya girl. As the semester is winding down and final projects are being handed out left and right, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you.

Thank you for showing me the ropes when I came in as a freshman and all I knew was how to walk from Larzy to the SAC for Leadership Safari. Thank you for showing me RFOC and its many wonders. Thank you for all the movies you made me watch even when I was convinced I wouldn’t like them. Thank you for showing me Scandal and having marathons of it even when it drove our other friends crazy.

Thank you for the endless nights of laughter that will forever have a place in my Snapchat memories. Thank you for the late night talks and the advice you’ve given me. Thank you for doing this graduation/real world/adult thing first so I can see how it goes for you.

You’ve not only shaped my time at CMU, but you’ve helped shape who I am as a person. I am forever grateful for all the moments we’ve shared together and I’m happy we have a few more weeks on campus to make a few last crazy memories. I know that even when we might not be geographically close, we’ll always have one another.

I really didn’t think about how much I’m going to miss you next year until I started writing this. You’ve truly left your mark on me.

Love you,


My name is Julia, and I am a junior from Kentwood, MI double majoring in Advertising and Psychology. My other involvements include Study Abroad Ambassadors, Campus Ambassadors, and the Honors Program. I'm excited to expand my skills while working with Her Campus, and I'm hopeful that this chapter will bring a lot of enjoyment to students at CMU. I am so excited to continue as the Advertising Chair for this chapter!
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