Knitting: Not Just for Old Ladies Anymore

Most people when they hear ‘knitting’ think; old ladies, rocking chairs, old shawls, etc. But knitting (and crocheting) is a creative and social community. It’s relaxing and mindless which means it is the perfect hobby for unwinding at the end of the day or for getting together with friends who knit to socialize.

For me: a 21 year old who goes to school, gets involved and works, knitting gives me a chance to calm down and collect my thoughts. It occupies my hands so I can focus on something else, like reading articles for school or watching a movie without scrolling through my phone. It’s so important to me because when I am constantly surrounded by screens, assignments and distractions, it becomes my form of meditation.

Knitting isn’t just a social hobby. Organizations like Knitting Rays of Hope take donations of hats for newborns in intensive care. They even provide tutorials on their website for those who are new to knitting! The Snuggles Project provides blankets, pet sweaters and toys for shelter animals since shelters can be a traumatizing place for them. The hand knit items help to calm them and make them feel more comfortable, which makes them more likely to be adopted!

In 2016, knitting had its place in the Women’s March on Washington when thousands of people showed up in pussy hats. A free pattern was provided and the hats were handmade. They were a symbol of female liberation at the time.

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In the past, knitting was a part of the home responsibilities of women. It was another mindless activity that kept them from stepping outside the home and into leadership. Now it has become stress relief for busy people who are living their best lives.

Knitting is a healthy hobby and a community for a lot of people. It’s a creative outlet that many use to benefit others. It’s fun, it’s relaxing and its not just for old ladies.