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It’s officially spooky month! Here’s why October is the best

It’s officially October! That means it spooky month– the best month of the year. Why is October the best? I’ll tell you why.

Pumpkin Carving



Who doesn’t love stabbing a pumpkin repeatedly? I know I love it. You get to create awesome designs. If you like pumpkin seeds, cooking pumpkin seeds and adding a bunch of salt makes a good snack!


Spooky movie marathons



Okay, you don’t have to watch spooky movies– you can watch Hocus Pocus on repeat too. Whether your favorite Halloween movie is Halloween Town or It, grab a snack, cuddle up with your bae or pets and have a Halloween movie night. 


Sweater weather



It’s finally that time of year. It’s finally cool enough to where we can bring out the scarfs and sweaters. No more hot weather, no more sweating to death. We can throw on an oversized hoodie and be comfortable all day. 


Apple cider and doughnuts



It’s apple cider season. Every local supermarket will be carrying apple cider by the gallon. Grab some warm cinnamon doughnuts to complete the ultimate Autumn treat. Another reason to love October– it’s apple orchard time!


Apple orchards and pumpkin patches



Yes, it’s finally that time as well. Grab all of your friends and head to your local pumpkin patch. It’s time to go take cute photos with all of your friends in flannel. Grab a bushel of apples and some apple cider while you’re at it!


Halloween parties 



It’s the time of the year where it’s acceptable for a 20-year-old to dress up in a costume. Go out and get your perfect costume and dress up with your friends! Throw a Halloween party. Everyone loves dressing up and getting candy, even when they are in college.

Sara is an Integrative Public Relations Major at Central Michigan University. She hopes to work in a PR agency one day, managing social media for clients. When she's not reading yet another book from one of her three bookshelves, she can be found cuddling her cats, Luna and Selene. 
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