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Intended for Audiences 21 Years and Older – A Poem

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C Mich chapter.

Intended for Audiences 21 Years and Older

The bloodstreams, the inner walls of your veins

darting, dashing, sprinting, faster than trains

through your body, staining teeth

I wreck everything; from outside your skin to underneath.


Glass scattered in the streets

bloodstains on fresh bed sheets

stomach liner and brain power

inhalation of unknown powders.


I sneak up your esophagus, behind your back,

memory loss knocking you off track

mind spinning, sinking, slipping away

disorient of money, time, and day


I hide well, you blame anyone but me

they say I’m trouble, you disagree.

Nail polish remover and Listerine,

your relations disastrous, anything but clean.


Ren Crudele

C Mich '20

Ren is a full time student, activist, and creator who prides herself on making life an adventure in and of itself. She aims to create relatable, exciting, and inspiring content on various platforms, including her youtube channel https://youtube.com/livinlargewithlcruu. Ren loves Supernatural, music festivals, supporting local businesses, and laughing. You can always find her in a small coffee shop editing vlogs or crowd surfing to her favorite band, All Time Low. Follow along for the fun! Instagram: @LCruu