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How to enjoy college when you’re too busy and too broke

College is supposed to be the time of our lives. Going to concerts, going to parties, going to movies, and whatever else your heart desires. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, we have to work full-time jobs during college just to pay for our rent — so that means no time for going out. Or maybe we are busy with extra-curricular activities, research papers, homework and everything else that comes with college. Whatever it may be, here are my tips to enjoy college when you’re too busy and too broke.

Enjoy the simple things in life.

Enjoy the sunset. Enjoy a nice cup of coffee while you watch the rainfall. Layout in the sun. Go for a walk. All of these ideas are simple and free. Try doing more activities that are free, rather than things that will cost you an arm and a leg. These simple pleasures will bring you more positivity into your life.

Finally read some of those books.

Most of us probably have a bookshelf full of books that we haven’t read in years or haven’t read yet. If you don’t have books, rent some from the local library for free. Reading can help you learn more and it’ll help pass the time. It’s a simple way to keep yourself entertained. 

Too busy to do anything fun? Spend your time wisely.

When there’s just not enough time in the day to do everything you need to do, make sure you are spending your time wisely. Work hard, but when you have a small break, take time for yourself. Get yourself a coffee. Drink some water. Watch some YouTube videos. Whatever you need to get through your day. When you have a day off from the hectic college lifestyle, remember to cherish your free time.

Go to free events on campus.

When you don’t have much money to your name, free events are the best. Go to entertainment events. Check out events that have free food and freebies that you can pick up. These are all available to you as a college student, so take advantage of them! 


Sara is an Integrative Public Relations Major at Central Michigan University. She hopes to work in a PR agency one day, managing social media for clients. When she's not reading yet another book from one of her three bookshelves, she can be found cuddling her cats, Luna and Selene. 
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