I will tell anyone and everyone I meet that they should study abroad. Yes, I might have only taken a class for three weeks, but those three weeks were some of the best of my life. I got to learn from a new perspective, meet amazing new people, and see new sights everywhere I went.

In addition to myself, two other HerCampus members also experienced the joys of studying abroad this summer. Although there are countless things to take away from a study abroad experience, I asked them to share a just few things that they learned, or a funny story from their time away from home.


Julia Lammy- Copenhagen, Denmark 

Image Credit: Megan Lawrence

One of my greatest takeaways from my time is to get out and explore by yourself. I gained a greater independence through trying to navigate a foreign city on my own. At the same time, I also learned the importance of communication and plan-making. When you don’t have the option to text people, you really learn how to stick to plans and get where you need to, so that everyone stays safe and accounted for.

I also would want anyone who is going abroad to have a translator app ready to use, so you don’t end up buying yogurt instead of milk like me.


Kara Dobulis- Chiang Mai, Thailand

Image Credit: Kara Dobulis

“Every day was a learning experience in Thailand, ”Kara let me know. A few of her tips are, “Don’t walk into a temple with shorts on. Try to bargain with street vendors. Bring mosquito spray everywhere you go”.

The most important thing Kara learned, though, was “to be grateful for the life that you have.”

She also added that “Thai people are the most optimistic people you’ll meet, even if they don’t have a lot. They set a great example that we should all try to live by”.


Cassie Malhado- Florence, Italy


Image Credit: Cassie Malhado

“[M]y friend and I got off at the wrong stop from the train, realized it half way down the street, sprinted back through the exit, and literally dashed on the train as the doors were closing,” Cassie replied when I asked about funny stories. She learned “how difficult using public transportation in a country that you are not familiar with can be,” a sentiment that I also share.

She added at the end that “it was all in fun” and she’ll have the stories for the rest of her life.

If you have any interest in studying abroad, visit CMU’s study abroad website (https://www.cmich.edu/office_provost/InternationalAffairs/abroad/Pages/d...) and fill out an advising questionnaire, or stop by Ronan 330 to speak to an advisor. Study 101 sessions are available in Ronan 344 on Mondays at 11, Wednesdays at 3:30, and Thursdays at 2.