Here's What Will Happen if You Keep Choosing Your BF Over Your Friends

Your friends have had your back through thick and thin, but you just got a boyfriend and now you want to be with him all the time. It’s not that you don’t still care about your friends, just that you’d rather spend 24/7 with this new guy. It’s perfectly okay to lay low when you start a new relationship, but here’s why putting him first would be a major mistake:

You’ll Put Unnecessary Pressure On The Relationship

Putting your boyfriend ahead of your friends is a pretty serious move. You made it clear that the guy you’ve been dating for a few months is a lot more important than the friends who’ve been there for you for years. You might think it’s dedication, but he might just see it as suffocation.

You Might Just Lose Your Friends For Good

You showed your friends just how little they mean to you. Your choice certainly won’t be forgotten, and maybe not even forgiven. When a relationship ends, friends are the ones who pick you back up. In your case, you made it pretty clear that you’d trade your friendships for this guy you just met.

Your Boyfriend Will Become Your Life

You social life is no longer a circle — it’s a line directly from you to him. You have no friends to text about the latest episode of Grey’s or share clothes with. Your life used to be full of love in all directions, but you chose to give that all up for your one and only. 

He’ll Start To Feel Smothered

Since he’s you’re whole life, you’re going to be around him ALL THE TIME. Instead of a girlfriend, you’ll start to feel like a dependent. It’s healthy for couples to spend time apart, and you’ll have no one else to spend your time with. When he’s off with his friends, you’ll be at home waiting for him to walk through the door. If you have no life, you won’t want him to have one either.

Your Boyfriend Will Start To Resent You

Your constant need for attention is starting to become annoying. He used to think having you in his life felt like a blessing, but now it’s a curse. He has to be at your beck and call as your boyfriend and your best friend in one. All of the things you use to do with the girls, like gossip, watch chick flicks, and shop all day, you’ll have to do with him, and he’s not interested.

You’ll Have No One To Talk To About The Problems In Your Relationship

When things start going downhill, who will you have by your side? You won’t be able to get advice or vent your frustrations. Your friends are gone and the only person you can lean on now is yourself.

You’ll Be Filled With Regret When You Finally Break Up

You gave it all up for one guy, and you bet on the wrong one. And guess what? Sometimes when you go all in, you lose everything. Not only are you officially single AF, you have no friends to pick you back up. Relationships come and go, but friends are supposed to be forever. Bottom line: you royally screwed up.