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Goodbye Twenty, Hello Twenty-One!

Twenty was an eventful year for me. I finished community college and finally moved on to CMU. I signed two majors, joined some incredible organizations, met more people than I can keep track of and made amazing friends. I have felt more fulfilled in the past year than I ever have. This year was the first time I have written consistently and experimented with my writing style, taken on long-term leadership roles, had a class load where I am interested in almost everything I’m learning, had to call my mom instead of just talking over breakfast.

Twenty has been one of the biggest changes in my life and as I look back at it, I am proud of everything I’ve done and how much I pushed myself. I’ve been more broke than I ever have been and it taught me how to budget my money. I’ve been more exhausted and stressed than ever and it taught me how to manage my time. I’ve been lonely and unsure and it taught me how to reach out and connect with people.

Twenty has shoved me out of my comfort zone. I saw my first live Rocky Horror Picture Show, I saw my first Drag show, I wrote my first research binder, I spent my spring break at a feminist conference with the Organization of Women Leaders and took on my first E-board position with the C-Mich chapter of Her Campus. It’s been a year of firsts and I have accomplished a lot. If all goes well, there’s going to be a lot more to accomplish next fall.

Twenty was a great year, now I’m looking at my twenty-first year on this earth and boy, do I have plans. Starting with a month long trip to Asia, I’m going to be back working at the job I love, reunited with my best friend and spending time with my family and boyfriend. Next fall is going to be crazy and stressful and difficult, but the best achievements come from the most difficult work. So I’m ready.

It’s Taurus season bitches.


Tess Ware

C Mich '21

Hi, my name is Tess and I’m a double major in Journalism and Women and Gender studies at Central Michigan University. Planning to become a media writer after I graduate. I want to empower people through my writing and hope to someday write a book on the intersection of Feminism and Paganism. I’m a huge crafter, I love knitting and altering clothes I find at thrift stores. I listen to a lot of audiobooks in my free time. I’m really excited to be co-campus correspondent and Editor-in-Chief for HerCampus-CMich and continue to develop my voice, writing and leadership skills.
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