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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at C Mich chapter.

After living in the dorms for a while now, most of you have staked out the cuties living on your floor. You find yourself walking by their room intentionally, and throwing them a flirty smile in passing. Let’s face it, you’ve got it bad. While thinking about all of the possibilities in getting this potential love interest to ourselves, we forget about what actually happens after the occurrence. We are caught up in a daydream that everything’s going to work out perfectly, no awkwardness involved, maybe you’ll even get a boyfriend out of it… Wrong!

Hooking up with someone on your floor can turn into a catastrophe. Most freshman boys are not looking to get wifed up during the first semester of college. In addition, you yourself may not want anything in the future with him, and bringing other guys back to the dorm could lead to a showdown between your former jealous down the hall hook up, and the new guy (how embarrassing). So in most situations, this is going to be a short lived “relationship”, if it even makes it past the first encounter.

After things have burnt out between the two of you, things get weird fast. Passing each other in the halls makes you never want to leave your room again, and if you’re living in the Towers, elevator rides with this hottie become excruciatingly long. Having to see this person daily, maybe even multiple times a day, is no fun over an extended period of time.

So you’re sitting here thinking, what does this girl know about it, I’ll find a way to make it just a hook-up, he’s way too cute to pass up, and I’m not even a clingy girl! Believe me, most upperclassmen would highly advise against you taking this step in your college career.

Although I’ve warned you of the consequences Dormcest brings, inevitably a lot of you will still do it. Not only that, but a few of you have probably already jumped the gun and made the move on this guy, lets be honest welcome weekend gets a little crazy. Not only that, but you’re a freshman, most of you are on your own for the first time, and you’re looking to take advantage of this new found freedom. If you insist on committing dormcest, its best that you’re prepared, in order to avoid as much weirdness as possible.

Here is a list of ways to make the situation as un-dreadful as it can be:

  •   Realize that this is probably not going anywhere, avoid being clingy.
  • DO NOT ignore him after you hook up, this will only lead to uncomfortable run-ins all year long. Bite the bullet now and keep the atmosphere friendly. This can be done by just a simple “hello” in passing.
  •  Don’t trash talk the former hook-up to other people in your dorm, it will get back to him, leading to a hostile environment.
  •  If he is the one that is jealous or upset the rendezvous have stopped, explain to him that you’re not interested in continuing, but you want to be friends. Leading him on will only make things weird when other guys visit your dorm.
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. If things do turn into full blown jumping behind bushes, staring at the ground, and going the long way around campus to avoid this guy, realize that most of us have made this mistake, at least you learned something from it!