Dear 17-Year-Old Elizabeth

Keep writing, someday it will be your healing.

Have confidence in the heart you own, deep sensitivity is provoked intuition.

Fall in love; as many times as it takes to realize that you don’t need anyone else to be whole.

Sing at the top of your lungs with Mom in the kitchen, it’s more gratifying than it looks.

I know you think you have it all figured out, but you will change your mind at every bend, and that’s okay. Don’t stop until you’re convinced.

Self - love will always get you there faster than doubt.

Brother’s aren’t as bad as they seem. Your’s will gather up your dread and stand beside you in your darkest moment, remember that.

Before you judge someone, keep in mind any presupposition you have is a candid reflection of your own flaws, looking right back at you.

Even friends breakup.

The best way to make others happy is not by doing what they want,

but by doing what you want, and not holding anyone else accountable for your happiness.

Forgive. Forgive. Forgive.

Don’t lower your standards to keep anyone in your life.

Decide what you want before it comes, and don’t settle. I promise, you don’t need to.

Raise your hand more in class, curiosity is wonderment.

You are doing just fine.

You think you’re going to be a teacher, and you are, the classroom is only one station of learning.

Big love requires big space. Let your heart break. 

Stop straightening your hair! 'You are a Queen crowned in curls'

Please keep smiling, please keep living for the divine, you spread so much light without even realizing.

You are at the cusp of a new journey, but the truth is, you always will be: accept that.


I believe in the woman you are becoming.





P.S. Ask Dad for a few more driving lessons... :)

Wish me luck!