A College Student's Survival Guide to Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving break is in a few days! Enjoy your well-deserved break from school and get mentally prepared for finals. While we are all excited for these few days off, us college students need to stick together to be prepared for the annoying questions we know our relatives will ask over turkey and mashed potatoes.   Lucky for you, I have your guide of 10 tough questions you’ll more than likely be receiving from your family.

  1. “Where’s your significant other?”

  2. “Are you ever going to graduate?”

  3. “Oh, is the freshman 15 a real thing?”

  4. “How are those grades?”

  5. “Do you even have a job to pay for school?”

  6. “Do you have a job lined up yet for after graduation?”

  7. “How’s the bar scene up there in Mt. P?”

  8. “How’re you getting along with your roommates?”

  9. “Did you change your major again?”

  10. “Wow, you’re not going to make much are you?”

Remember, the holidays are a time for joy! No matter how invasive and ignorant the questions get, keep a smile on your face and the wine in hand. Happy Holidays!