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Campus Cutie: Zoogie Ogbebor

Name: Zoogie Ogbebor

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Age: 21

Major: General Management

Minor: Legal Studies

Relationship Status: Single like a Pringle and ready to mingle ;)

What’s the cutest thing a girl could do for you?

The cutest thing a girl could do for me consists of 3 things:

1)    Be true to herself

2)    Be sincere and honest

3)    Love me as much as I love her


What is your definition of a one-night stand?

Definition of a one-night stand is when you so happen to hook up with a lady, go all the way, skip first, second, and third, and straight to home. Then, you wake up in the morning with one helluva story to tell.


Tell us a story about your most embarrassing moment with a girl.

In sixth grade, I had a Valentine. I used my saved up allowance money, which came out to be about $25, got her a thing of Linden Chocolates, a teddy bear, one rose because I was smooth, and I wrote a card. The chick, A) Did not give me anything back and B) Did not eat my chocolate for about a week, and her friends ended up eating most of it. I was hurt.


What would it take for a girl to get a callback?

She would have to be sincere, honest, down to Earth, and have a sense of humor.


What are 3 big NO-NO’s that girls do that drive you crazy?

1)    Unnecessary drama, like for example, talking smack about other girls or other people for no apparent reason

2)    Drama starters

3)    Fake/Stuck up


What type of girl interests you?

I want a girl with a great head on her shoulders, passionate about what she does, has intentions on bettering herself in every aspect of life, beautiful, down to Earth, and a generally caring person. I have a weakness for tall, voluptuous women, and I prefer darker haired girls or red heads.


Would you rather have a homebody or a party girl?

Homebody because I know they are someone that’s going to be a lot more focused and serious about life. She’s willing to set time aside for herself to accomplish the goals she had set out for herself.


At what age do you see yourself wanting to settle down? And why do you think that’s the perfect age to do so?

I see myself settling down at 26 or 27 because I feel like with the type of drive and ambition I have, I will be able to accomplish the goals I have set out for myself, and it’s the most likely time I would be close to being financially stable, which is the perfect time to start a family. I’m not trying to get married and live paycheck to paycheck, I’m trying to be married and have 30 racks in the bank.


Are you a boob guy or a butt guy?

Butt guy, ALL THE WAY!


If you could do anything you wanted, how would you propose to your lucky bride-to-be?

I would take her to some vacation spot, like New Zealand. I’m on the beach, polo’d out with the fattest ring, but I want to put it in her favorite dessert. It would be at night with a bunch of Tiki torches set up around us. While we’re sipping champagne, I would say, “Baby, I have some dessert for you,” and she would say, “Oh my God, that’s my favorite dessert!” Then, I would feed her the dessert, (just to protect her teeth and when she gets to the ring) I’m going to look her in the eyes, and put my arms around her waist, while on the knee (like Usher did in the Confessions music video) and ask her to “marry me, please.”


Describe your perfect date night.

A night where my chick and I go to a crazy 5-star restaurant, and she’s dressed up looking beautiful- I want her dressed so good that people come up to me and ask me where I found this girl- I would want an all-you-can-eat lobster dinner, and some of the finest Nigerian cuisine, somehow made by my mother. I would order 2 bottles of Dom Perignon, and some fine cheesecake (fresher than the Cheesecake Factory).


What would you call the relationship between you and a girl before you’re officially dating?

I would call it “post e-Harmony.” This is the process in which we figure out exactly what we’re going to do and how we’re about to fuel the flames. It’s very crucial to the future of our relationship and the betterment of my emotions.


How long does it usually take for you to want to date a girl?

I’m not a big dater, I like to live the “single like a Pringle” life, and if I were to date a girl, then you would know she swept the darn socks off my feet, both literally and figuratively. This process usually takes roughly a month or two.


What puts a girl in the friend-zone?

When there’s a lack of attraction, either physically or mentally.


Being completely honest, what does a typical “guys night” consist of?

A typical guys night consists of: spending time with my brothers, and turnin’ up to the best of our abilities.


Do you consider yourself a momma’s boy or daddy’s big man?

Momma’s boy all the way. My mom is the soul reason why I am the person I am today.


What do you consider cheating?

Cheating is when you’re doing something that you know you have no business doing.


Why do you think people cheat?

I think people cheat solely out of temptation, and the fact that their needs aren’t being fulfilled.

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