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Campus Cutie: Ruben Rojas


Name: Ruben Rojas

Hometown: Commerce Township

Age: 19

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Relationship Status: Single

What’s the cutest thing a girl could do for you?

Buying me natty daddy’s

What is your definition of a one-night stand?

A single sexual encounter with no implication of further relations between either participant.

Tell us a story about your most embarrassing moment with a girl.

I puked in a girl’s bed once

What would it take for a girl to get a callback?

A good first impression.

What are 3 big NO-NO’s girls do that drive you crazy

1.       Not liking natty daddy’s

2.       Being too clingy

3.       Being too loud

Junior at Central Michigan University studying public relations and advertising. Lover of writing. Fire up!
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