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Campus Cutie: Kevin Rohner

Relationship Status: Single…and mingling

Major: Physical Education

Year: Senior

Hangs out most at: The Animal Farm…aka my house off High Street

Blondes or Brunettes?: Brunettes, or anyone pretty

Qualities you look for in a girl: Outgoing, fun, friendly, loves dogs, loves Jesus, sporty, definitely sporty.

Hollywood Crush: Rachel from Friends, not Jennifer Aniston

Favorite Movie: Finding Nemo

Hidden Talents: If I told you, they wouldn’t be hidden anymore?

Craziest thing you’ve ever done: I lived in Africa for 3 months

If you were stuck on an island for a year, what 3 things would you bring: Toothbrush, so I don’t have to smell my own breath, Finding Nemo the movie, and a DVD player to watch Finding Nemo on, duh.

What is your ideal date?: Fun is key, I would pick a sunny day in the fall and take my girl to a meadow of fall leaves since I love those and ride horses through it to a hot air balloon that would fly us over Paris. Then we would land in a lavender field since I like that smell and drink iced tea and hold hands. Very ideal.

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