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Campus Cutie: Danny Gorman

Name: Danny Gorman

Hometown: Royal Oak, MI

Age: 21

Major: Communication

Minor: Marketing

Relationship Status: Single



Lacrosse, Cooking, Hibernation, Doba Wednesdays, Hanging out with friends


Describe your first kiss:

It was in 8th grade after middle school track. It was super awkward, I think I missed her lips.


Worst fail at hitting on a girl:

 I tried hitting on my next door neighbor by cooking her chicken and she spit it right in the trash.


Most charming moment:

Asking my prom date to prom by having a police officer pull her over.


What do you look for most in a girl?

Down to earth and able to go with the flow.


Biggest turn on:

When she doesn’t spit out your chicken, kidding. Probably a really nice smile is probably one of my biggest turn-ons.


Celeb crush:

Mila Kunis


Any experiences with a crazy ex-gf?

 The only thing that’s really happened is that she has egged my car.


Describe a guy’s night:

Lots of beer, watching movies and euchre.


Are you a home-body or a party animal, and what do you prefer in a significant other?

Depends on when you catch me. In a significant other, I prefer a homebody.


Favorite place to hang out with your best friends?

West Campus R3.5


What is your definition of a one-night stand?

To spend an evening with a woman and never call her again.


What are 3 big NO-NO’s that girls do that drive you crazy?

1.    Saying they don’t have feelings

2.    When girls ask me if I’m a GDI

3.    When they do things that they trash a guy for


Are you a boob guy or a butt guy?



If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?

Up North Michigan during the summers, in the winters I would live in San Marino. 

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