Campus Celebrity: Lauren Davis

Name: Lauren Davis

Age: 19

Hometown: Waterford, MI

Height: 6ft.

Major: Fashion Merchandising

Minor: Event Management

After being a dancer for 12 years before high school, Lauren knew that she loved the spotlight and being on camera. Between being on stage, traveling, and dancing with the Cheetah Girls for a year, she decided it was all too much when entering high school. She became serious about athletics, but started to miss the stage and fashion side of life.

So, after being consistently told that she belonged on camera, Lauren took it upon herself to start researching modeling agencies into her junior year of high school. She had to determine which agencies were real and which ones were fake, because she knew there were a significant amount of deceptive agencies. Using her dance background, she was able to contact her friends that were also models, for advice and guidance.

Finally, Lauren found her first real agent, Renee Godin. Renee Godin was able to help Lauren build up her modeling portfolio, and help her book photo shoots, fashion shows, editorials, and any other outlet that would be interested in the type of modeling Lauren could do.

From there, Lauren’s first big break was the Neiman Marcus Fashion Show for the 2010 Fall Collection.

Furthering her career, Lauren signed a modeling contract with BMG Models Global Management in Chicago over Christmas break in December. BMG Models and Talent is a full service model and talent agency providing premium service to its talent and esteemed clients. BMG has grown to represent over 1400 working talents globally, with locations in Chicago, Los Angeles, Orlando, Miami and New York.

With this opportunity, Lauren has a 6-month trial period to book a certain amount of photo shoots, and after Lauren’s face will appear on the New Faces page on the BMG Models site.

So, what’s the worst photo shoot Lauren has encountered in her career?

Lauren described a photo shoot recently in Chicago with Sarah Church, who has started a fairly new clothing line. The photo shoot didn’t start until 6 p.m., and the weather was rainy and cold. Her hair and makeup took four hours to complete, so the actual shoot started at 10 p.m., which seemed like a lifetime with no food. To make it worse, each outfit needed a different hairstyle, and there were ten outfits to shoot. Overall, the shoot lasted over ten hours when, in Lauren’s opinion, it should have only taken a few. However Lauren knows that each designer is different, especially when they are new to the industry.

What was her favorite photo shoot?

In the fall, Lauren worked with Michigan’s Birmingham Magazine. She was able to closely work with an attractive male model, and her hair and make up team were on top of everything, and also, as Lauren describes, “cool to hang out with.” Unlike the shoot with Sarah Church, this shoot was non-stop, full of fun, and high-energy. What made this shoot so memorable for Lauren was that if she ever had down time, the crew she was working with out make her laugh, and she could tell they were all down to earth. The photos came out great and reflected the atmosphere that was behind the scenes!

Through the fast pace of the modeling agency, and her busy schedule, Lauren has a pretty great support system behind her. Her mother, being her super fan, went to every photo shoot when Lauren began up until she was 18 years old. Now, with Lauren traveling more, her mother still expects updates and all the information she can get on Lauren’s schedule.

As for school, Lauren said that the studying part is not that bad. Her professors are understanding and usually work with her when it comes to missing class for travel. Nevertheless, when she is traveling, Lauren brings all of her schoolwork with her and is constantly studying.

Some of the setbacks that Lauren faces include always having a certain image to uphold, and once in awhile feeling discouraged, because in the end, she is a real person. Like everything we encounter in life, there’s always a point where you think you can’t go any further, but you have to keep telling yourself you can.

Some of the perks she receives include getting free hair and make up products, being able to keep most of the outfits she models, and being able to meet so many different people!

Are other models friendly?

Lauren has close friends that she has made through modeling in Oakland County and Chicago. She says that some of her best friends are models, and although there is a stereotype, it depends on where you’re modeling. For example, Lauren describes some of the models in Miami who they have to be done up all the time, but Lauren and her friends hate makeup, and love to dress comfortably.

What’s next for Lauren’s career?

Over Christmas Break, Lauren tried out for America’s Next Top Model and finds out next month if she gets to go to the next round, fingers crossed! She is also participating in Miss Michigan in October, with training beginning next month. Other than that, Lauren says that she knows modeling is only going to take her so far. In the future she hopes to own her own clothing store so that she can be a buyer in either Chicago or Miami.

A fashion tip from the professionals that Lauren left us with:

Every agent she encounters says the prettiest thing for a girl to wear is leggings and loose V-neck shirts. They say it makes them look simple, relaxed, and pretty.

Fashion tip from Lauren:

“Girls shouldn’t wear so much make up, and they should flaunt their own beauty. You shouldn’t care about what other people say, make your own impression, it’s all about confidence!”