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Campus Celebrity: Justin Gawronksi


Whether you’ve seen him in the Student Organization Center or giving campus tours, you will always find Justin Gawronski surrounded by a group of people. Although finding your niche in college is not always easy, once you do, it can be one of the best feelings out there. This is what happened to Justin, who found his passion in the Student Government Association his freshman year.


Justin, a third year communications major from Macomb was President of his High School debate team, but never considered himself active in his school. However, upon arriving at Central, Justin’s interest grew as he found himself getting involved across campus, “CMU offers so many opportunities! I would be stupid not to take them,” he said.

He’s now a student assistant in the East Area Success Center, a campus ambassador, panelist for the Office of LGBTQ Services, and is the Trustee-Student Liaison Committee Chair. On top of that, he was elected as the student government president this past April. He spends a remarkable amount of time and energy listening to student opinions, networking with the community, and showing the true leadership that is at Central Michigan University. Justin has pushed to make many changes with the academic calendar and also played a part in bringing back tailgating last fall. 

When talking to him about his love and dedication to the organization, he spoke about how much he loves giving back to others. He credits most of his experiences that he has had back to SGA and his involvement as a freshman. 

If his involvements don’t make him interesting enough, Justin donated $150,000 to the Annenberg Foundation after winning a lawsuit against Amazon in 2009. 

“I suppose I would have used the money for college, but my intentions were never to keep any money, regardless of the amount,” he said. This only proves the kind of character Justin has, and his desire to go above and beyond for those around him.

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