The Best Napping Playlist According to an Anti-Napper

I’ve always celebrated my ability to thrive as some type of Coachella mirage, shimmering with golden perceptions of the universe and three ounces of glitter poured over my hair. However, this spring break I am taking the opportunity to enjoy the more simple blisses in my life: napping.

For the last three years, I saluted spring break as less of a week-long vacation and more of an opportunity to elevate one’s mind, bind themselves to the world’s most majestic forces and to explore the natures of euphoria.

For me, the time window was spent hiking barefoot through Congaree National Park in South Carolina and hitchhiking in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

I went rock climbing behind waterfalls located on the Appalachian Trail and fancied Krispy Kreme donuts while watching the sunrise on Myrtle Beach.

But instead of encountering hazy-eyed black bears in the Great Smoky Mountains, dancing with alligators in Georgia and eating my entire body weight in Chick-fil-A, this vacation is devoted to regeneration, reflection and hopefully, revival.

While my days are dedicated to submitting internship applications, dog walking and writing the next great American novel, I still persist in treating myself to some sweet naps.

A superabundance in faux fur blankets, a queen size set of cotton sheets and a stomach delighted by home-cooked meals and diner breakfasts make napping feel extremely celestial.

My latest experiences have showcased napping can be made more aloft with assistance from a whimsical and enchanting playlist.

Below I have created my go-to playlist for advancing peace, dreams and self-love for every napping session. For me, they are the type of jams capable of taming even the wildest of spirits.

1.)“You’re So Beautiful,” by Reddish Blu, You’re So Beautiful

2.)“Thoughts of You” by VBND, Thoughts of You

3.)“Daydream” by Medasin and featuring Joba

4.)“Royal Blood” by Louis Futon and featuring Keiynan Lonsdale, Royal Blood

5.)“Found You” by Kasbo and featuring Chelsea Cultur, Found You  

6.)”Ghostboy” by Robotaki and featuring Claire Ridgely, Ghostboy

7.)”Beautiful Escape” by Tom Misch, Beat Tape 2

8.)”Limestone” by the Magic City Hippies, Hippie Castle EP

9.)”Evening Coffee” by Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers

10.)”Sunday Vibes” by Masego and featuring Medasin, The Pink Polo EP

BONUS: “After the Storm” by Kali Uchis and featuring Tyler the Creator and Bootsy Collins