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It’s officially the weirdest time of the year, outfit wise. You never know if you should throw on your snow gear or that cute floral top you’ve been dying to break out in the sun. Is it -2 ° out or randomly 54 ° again? You’re forced to check your weather app on your phone to ensure you aren’t that girl walking into class sweating from an unnecessary parka or freezing from a tank top in the snow. We’ve got some wardrobe solutions that can solve your weird weather crises in a snap. These are five basics you can throw on whether it’s cold, raining, sleeting, snowing, or warm enough to roll the windows down. We’ve added a bargain shopper option for each one too, saving you a little more cash for that Spring Break trip coming up. 

First on the agenda: Rain Boots. They’re every girl’s best friend this time of year. Wear them for comfort, protection, or style, they solve any weather dilemma. You don’t even need precipitation falling from the sky to have an excuse to wear them now with all the cute styles out there! They are perfect for the rainy day or the snowy, shielding your cute leggings from the puddles or ice flying around.

Hunter Boots $135, Hunter-boots.com


Target Rain Boots $32.99, Target.com



Next up, High Socks. They are perfect for spring and also for some warmth in late winter! Throw them on to complete your outfit in a dress and cardigan, or pair them with your leggings and a sweater to make the cozy look perfect. These are a cheap accessory at most stores that can add that cute touch to your everyday outfit. Plus, they fit every season’s style!


Knee-High Knits $4.80, Forever 21


Knee-High Socks $14, Urbanoutfitters.com

Don’t have Shiny Leggings yet? Get some. These are all the rage right now on college campuses. They look great with your favorite crewneck as well as a cute top and sweater. Shiny leggings can add that fun touch when your plain black leggings just aren’t cutting it anymore. Dress up an outfit with these or go the casual route that makes rolling out of bed for class look a little cuter.


American Apparel Shiny Leggings $46, Americanapparel.com


Liquid Legging $16.99 Charlotterusse.com

Waterproof Jackets are absolutely a necessity right now. Whether it’s snowing or raining (or both), this is essential to make sure you save your outfit from wetness. Grab a waterproof coat with a hood for added protection and walk to class knowing you’re safe from any weather mix-up halfway through the day. Brands are catching on to the need for these outfit-savers, and are offering options that hide the waterproof factor, or some with belts to keep it cute!

Target Angora Raincoat $34.99, Target.com

North Face, Waterproof Jacket $62.97, Moosejaw.com

Steal your boyfriend’s style and grab yourself a Beanie or Hat. These will save you so much time in the morning. Save your hair from the winter elements and spring rain and throw one on. Slept through your alarm? Go for the cute, worry-free look and put a hat or beanie on so no one will know your alarm troubles. This is also your hair’s best friend if you carry one in your backpack and can whip it out in the snowfall late in the day.

Urban Girl Beanie $48  Neff Girl’s Beanie $16

Urbanoutfitters.com  zappos.com





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