6 Simple Tips to Boost Your Grades

Welcome to Week 7 of the semester! Maybe you’re behind due to the multiple snow days. Maybe you’ve been partying too hard and neglecting your responsibilities. Or maybe you’re simply here because your grades need a boost. While I’m not Einstein, I have managed pretty well throughout my 15+ years of school. Here are some tips that have allowed me to maintain my GPA:

Warning: None of these are revolutionary, you just need to hear them.

Don’t skip class.

This is a basic one. However, if your grades are struggling, you probably need to hear it. Even if your professor posts the lecture slides online, it is important to go to class. Professors give reminders on deadlines, tips on papers and exams, and review sessions in class. It is the easiest, quickest way to see an increase in your grade.

Take notes by hand.

I know when professors say that taking notes by hand helps engrave information into your brain, most of us roll our eyes. However, they aren’t lying! Taking notes by hand and not typing them allows for you to stay focused on the content and not other websites you could be visiting.

Keep your laptop and phone in your backpack.

When your electronics are out of sight, they are out of mind. Being able to fully focus on a lecture allows for you to retain information better.

Participate in the lecture.

Don’t sit there and occupy space. When you are actively listening, asking questions, and engaging with classmates, you will remember more information from the lecture. Plus, you are paying money to go to college and learn something. How can you learn when you aren’t participating?

Have different places for different tasks.

This is key to my personal success in school and life. When I’m tired, I go to my bed. When I have a large workload, I go to the library. When I need to workout, I go to the gym. By separating these different parts of your life, your body will memorize what area is for which. Thus, when you go to the library, you will be prepared to get ‘er done.

Don’t rely on your memory. Plan out your day.

If you don’t have a calendar, get a calendar. Whether it’s online, on your phone, or from Walmart, keeping your life organized will allow for you to meet deadlines. This is also a great habit to get into for your work life as well.

Good luck boosting your grades in Week 7!