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5 Ways To Wear Velvet

Along with many of this seasons hottest fabrics, velvet is one that can be versatile throughout your whole closet. It can give any outfit a festive and classy look, and can be appropriate for any weekend plans you have in store. Some may still think of velvet as that awful 2-piece outfit that your older relatives used to wear during the holidays. I can assure you that there are many new velvet styles that you will be dying to try. It’s easy to incorporate velvet in an everyday outfit with these 5 different items:

1. Leggings

If you want to wear leggings (which I know we all do), why not switch it up a little bit with velvet leggings to make your outfit pop? The texture of velvet is an awesome and unique alternative to regular cotton leggings. You can wear these on a night out or casually to class, which makes these an easy and simple way to make any outfit stand out.

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2. Skirts

Whether it’s a pencil style or skater style, velvet is a flattering and edgy way to dress an outfit up or down. Any body type can rock a velvet skirt because of the always flattering texture that is has. Velvet skirts are great for any event no matter how fancy it may be. Velvet skirts with a cropped sweater or top are a perfect outfit for a night out on the town.  

From: Nasty Gal


3. Dresses

If anyone else was ever dressed in that burgundy red velvet dress when you were little, you are probably still in shock that velvet is back in style! Now you can rock the same fabric, but luckily velvet dresses can offer trendy new styles and colors. As some of you may have noticed, velvet dresses were a hot commodity this New Years Eve. It gives an outfit an automatic festive look.


From: Tobi


4. Tops

Velvet clothes don’t always need to be plain fabric. There are also great options to adding some texture into a velvet top.  Not only does this shirt have a gorgeous pattern, the velvet accents give the top an edgy and fun look that is to die for. Velvet crop tops have also been a hot commodity lately to wear with any skirt, legging, or pant. Unlike a lot of other fabrics, velvet can be used within patterns in many pieces of clothing.

From: Urban Outfitters


5. Shoes

For those of you collegiates, who want to change it up a little bit, try a velvet shoe instead of leather or suede. With tons of colors to choose from, you are bound to find a pair that is a perfect addition to your shoe collection. This is just another easy way to make any outfit of yours pop.

From: Sole Struck


For anyone who is looking to alter their style, bringing in velvet is a perfect way to do so. On your next big night out, take your outfit to the next level and try something velvet! There are so many subtle, yet edgy items, that velvet can offer that your closet wouldn’t be complete without!


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