5 Tricks to Hiding Dirty Hair

It’s three weeks until the semester is over and let’s be honest, meeting project deadlines, studying for exams, working part-time and all while keeping a social life is starting to become a juggling act. So, you know, sometimes skipping a day or two (or three) of washing your hair may or may not become a habit. Here are some tricks for you end-of-the-semester warriors to hide that three day no-wash shine.

1. Dry shampoo & the far-part tag team

This is for those of you who aren’t quite at peak grease in your hair yet or are expecting the grease to appear throughout the day. Simply part your hair a little farther over than what is natural for you, spritz dots of the dry shampoo along your roots and you’re good to go. 

**Note: Do not spray the dry shampoo continuously or the texture may make your hair look greasier.


2. Waterfall braid or french-into-waterfall braid

Start by spritzing your roots with a little bit of dry shampoo. Then begin french braiding, dropping every other strand and picking up a new one, incorporating it back into the braid. What you should be left with is a lovely waterfall braid. For those of you suffering with all-over grease, start with the waterfall braid, then simply french braid the rest of your hair, adding in the fallen pieces of the waterfall. To others it looks complex, but, in reality, it’s a quick two-braid-greasy-hair fix.


3. Headband 

Headbands have slowly been making a comeback and we could not be happier. This is for those of you who wake up late or are simply always on the go. If your hair seems flat quickly add some texture with a three-barrel curler or flat iron waves. Then simply comb your hair toward the back, add on head band and readjust your hair so it lies evenly. The headband covers any grease at your roots and the texture in your hair gives you some volume.


4. A quick and functional up-do

For those of you who hate having your hair down or just need to throw it up and go, a quick up-do is for you. Whether it’s a top knot bun or a loose pony, a cute up-do is a simple way to hide your dirty hair. Tip for this trick: spritz your roots with dry shampoo and tease some of the layers that lie underneath the top of your hair to add some extra volume and texture.


5. Put a cap on it

Last but not least, the classic hat. If it’s a sweats day for you (which is 4/7 days of the week for most of us) a simple baseball cap with a low braided pony is probably the quickest way to cover the grease. Or, especially as the weather gets warmer, sun hats or a preppy baseball cap is a unique accessory to add to a casual dress outfit.