5 DIY Halloween Costumes for College Kids

Who says Halloween is just for kids? We can never outgrow the desire to dress up in costumes (the one day it’s acceptable) and eat candy.  Halloween is the one time of the year when we can dress up as someone or something we are not.  However, being a broke college student may put a hault on your costume shopping.  Here are some cute and cheap Halloween costumes that you can put together faster than you can say trick-or-treat!

1. Beanie Babies: As kids, we all had our favorite one that we would take everywhere with us.  Now, as an adult, Beanie Babies make a cute awesome costume that is super easy to put together.  All you need are bottoms in the color of your choice and a top that goes with your theme. Next, make the TY tag out of cardboard and wear it like a necklace, and you will be set for the night.

2. Movie Cartoons: This past summer, a ton of movies came out with the main characters being cartoons.  Not only were they big hits in the movie theaters, but will be a big hit this Halloween, as well.  Some characters like Smurfs can be easily made from clothes already in your closet.  All you need is white jeans (yes, you can wear white after Labor Day), a blue top, a white beanie, and gloves.  For those who want to add more details, feel free to do blue football streaks on your face.

3. Superheroes: It’s time to put a modern spin on all the superhero costumes out there.  With all of the movies coming out lately, there are a lot to choose from.  Take Superman for example -- you can’t go without the cape and S on your chest.  However, instead of wearing the shorts/leotards, you can wear a tutu.  These can be bought from the store or homemade.  Either way they add a sassy touch to any superhero costume.

4. Pretty Little Liars:  Now, if you don’t want to dress up by yourself, there is always the option of dressing up as a group.  If this is the case and you have group of four, Pretty Little Liars is the perfect choice!  This show is so popular that almost everyone should know what you are right away (without the awkward question, “What are you?”).  The costume is the easiest part; all you needed is your little black dress!

5. Red Solo Cup: Country music fans will love this outfit; inspired by the Toby Keith song Red Solo Cup.  Not only is it funny but it is also an original idea.  You can go as a group or by yourself.  All you need is a red dress or skirt and tank top.  Next, make letters out of paper and attach them to the costume.  And remember “Red Solo Cup, your more than just a cup, you’re my friend!”