5 Beauty Tricks that won't Break the Bank



You know what they say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” It’s all up to you to take those five extra minutes in the morning to turn something drab into glam. Here are five cheap and simple beauty tricks to start the day off right using resources right in your home.

1.       The eye-lash curler. My roommate always has the blow dryer running, but her hair isn’t wet. When asking her what she was doing, I discovered one of the best tricks in the book of beauty –  heating an eyelash curler. Simply run the hair-dryer over the lash curler for about 10 seconds on high power and use the heat to curl the eyelashes. Not only will it create a beautiful curl, it will last longer. Do this before applying mascara, because the heat will cause it to melt.

2.       Creating rosy cheeks without blush. Applying a pink eye shadow or lipstick can create a desired look for blush. If looking to spice up a makeup look and don’t want to stick to the regular bronzer, try mixing pink eye shadows or dabbing some lipstick. Celebrities are wearing the same color on lips and cheeks, so this is an easy way to achieve that look for less.

3.       Beer. The next time you’re at the bar and an obnoxious guy accidently dumps some beer in your hair, thank him. The yeast in beer actually swells the hair shaft and adds volume. Beer is also acidic, which helps remove built-up product residue. It’s a cheap Malibu treatment! After shampooing hair, rinse a beer over your head, let it sit for less than a minute and rinse off with water.  

4.       Nude lips. No need to buy a nude lipstick to follow a fall fad, when you can create it right out of your makeup bag. Just dab liquid foundation over your lips and let it dry. If you want some shine, just add some clear lip gloss.

5.       Making the eyes pop. Collegiates often run on little sleep, which can have negative effects. There is nothing worse than waking up with bags under the eyes. To make the eyes look less-sleepy, apply liquid eyeliner only on the top of the eyelid. Here comes the trick – use a subtle silver sparkle eyeliner on top of the black or a gold color to add definition. It shouldn’t be obvious, but it should be enough to create the effect. Avoid using eyeliner on the bottom lid because that draws attention to the wrong parts.