43 Things I Wish I Knew in High School

I'd like to think we all get a little wiser every year.  At 16, I looked back on myself at 14 and couldn't believe how little I knew.  I'm sure I'll feel the same way two years from now about how little I know today at age 20. 

Still, if I knew back in high school what I know today, man, I really could have owned that place (more than I already did, just kidding). So here are 43 things I wish my 20-year-old self could have told my high school self a few years ago.

  1. Get a job in high school.  You’re going to need money - and a lot of it - real soon. Start saving while you don’t have to spend it on toilet paper.

  2. Anyone who says terrible things to you about people they supposedly care about is not to be trusted.  They're doing the same thing to you when you're not around.  Run away.

  3. Don’t worry about things that don't matter.  It’s a big world with plenty of other causes that deserve your worry.  

  4. True friends are hard to come by. If you’ve found one, let them know you love them. 

  5. Do not spend more than $9 on mascara. Walmart sells ones that work just fine.

  6. Your push-up bra is obvious.

  7. You think you’re being slick with your parents, but really you’re not. They were in high school doing the same things as you once upon a time.

  8. Take advantage of your FREE education with teachers who care.

  9. Get Involved. It’s easier to do in high school than it is in college.

  10. You will never see most of these people again. Some of them you’ll miss, most of them you won’t.

  11. Three simple rules will explain 99% of human behavior. 1) Most people don’t think. 2) Some people are just jerks. 3) Everyone is selling something.

  12. Your mom can see a fake friend before you can. Listen to her.

  13. You won’t actually find out who your friends are until you hit trouble.

  14. Don’t evaluate people on what they say, but on what they do. 

  15. Most of what you’ve just learned in high school is completely useless. I’m sorry but it’s the truth.

  16. Enjoy your metabolism while it lasts. A good majority of you will get the freshman 15 - it’s inevitable.

  17. Prom is not the "best night of your life." But go anyway.

  18. You don't need a date to have fun at prom. You’ll enjoy the pictures of you and your friends more anyways.

  19. Go to every football game and school dance. You may think they’re lame, but some of your best memories will be made here.

  20. High school years are not the best years of your life. Don’t let people convince you otherwise.

  21. If you’re underage drinking don’t post pictures of it. It will come back to haunt you.

  22. The cutest boy in school that all the girls obsess over is going to have a beer belly in 10 years.

  23. Chill with the eyeliner. It’s high school, not the Met Gala. 

  24. Nobody's perfect at 16.

  25. Your money will return, your time won’t. Spend some of your money doing dumb things with your friends. This is the last time you’ll have essentially no financial worries. 

  26. Don't be afraid to talk to new people. You’ll be expected to once you go away to college.

  27. Quality over quantity, always. Read that again. 

  28. Get over your senioritis and enjoy your last year in high school, we all know you’re secretly having fun.

  29. People are always in a storm, coming out of one, or getting ready to fight one. Remember that.

  30. If you look up from your phone, you’ll realize you’re missing amazing things happening right in front of your face. 

  31. On that note, social media depression is REAL. Remember people only post about the happy things in their lives, not everyone’s life is that great. 

  32. If you’re going to use a fake ID to buy alcohol, under no circumstances should you buy UV Blue - they’ll know you’re a highschooler. 

  33. On the other hand, know your limits. Getting your stomach pumped is not cool. 

  34. Break the rules and push boundaries, but stay safe.

  35. Take pictures. Your future self will thank you.

  36. Have school spirit. And don’t be embarrassed to show it.

  37. Wear whatever the fuck you want, and stop caring what other people think about it. I promise you in 5-ish years, you will be disgusted at everything you and your friends thought was “in style.”

  38. It turns out, most people don’t even notice what you’re wearing because they’re too concerned about their own outfit.

  39. Stop speeding, especially on turns. Also, stop at stop signs.

  40. No one knows shit. Not even you. 

  41. If you’re fortunate enough to have the option to go away for college - do it. Your home town will always be there, this opportunity may not be.

  42. “I’ve learned that life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer you get to the end the faster it goes.” - Andy Rooney. You’ll never be younger than you are right now, in this very moment. Run, jump, get a tattoo, read a book, stay up until 2 a.m. laughing with your friends, drive around blasting music. Don’t take these things for granted, eventually you won’t be able to do them.   

  43. If you’re loving high school, hold on because it goes by fast. If you’re not loving high school, hold on because it goes by fast.